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A brilliant way of maintaining your roof to prevent leaks is to restore its striking look. Doing that might involve cleaning it, repairing or replacing missing shingles, fixing leaks, as well as painting the roof. Still, the most useful trick is by conducting maintenance to prevent roof leaks.

A leaky roof not only causes structural water damage to your home but also encourages the growth of mildew and mold, which can result in serious health issues like inflammation and asthma. Furthermore, it can affect the house insulation, leading to high energy bills. If you are in search of practical ways of preventing roof leaks, here are a few tips to get you started.

Inspect the roof frequently

Regular inspection of your roof can help you detect signs of existing or impending leaks in time. As a result, you can address the situation promptly. The good thing is that these signs are relatively easy to notice. They include missing, damaged, curling or peeling shingles, as well as loose or cracked roof tiles. Even though conducting a visual roof inspection might seem like a waste of time, it will prevent significant loss of cash and time, which you would have spent on fixing water related structural damages.

Inspect the roof penetrations

A common source of roof leaks are penetrations like chimneys, plumbing vents, skylines, satellite, and cable, which pop through the house and prevent the natural flow of rainwater. In such a situation, the best way of maintaining your roof to prevent leaks is by assessing these fixtures. Take your time and examine them to ascertain whether their flashings are in good shape, or they need repairing, caulking, and sealing. Similarly, when checking the plumbing vents, make sure that their neoprene or rubber isn’t cracked or worn-out. Such efforts will ensure that water flows naturally from your roof.

Clean the Roof, Gutters, and Downspouts

If your roof has fallen leaves, branches, twigs, or your gutters and downspouts have leaves, sticks or any other debris; your roof is highly like to experience leaks. Such debris can affect the free flow of water, forcing the water to look for alternative routes, which in most cases, will be through the roof. You need to clean and unclog your roof every once in a while. Such a simple task will go a long way in protecting it against leaks since the clear pathway means that water, ice backing or snow will freely flow off your roof and away from the property.

Inspect the Attic

Not all roof leaks emanate from outside the ceiling. At times it could be due to several conditions within your attic, such as poor ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, vent fans, condensation or even pest infestations. Any of these situations could lead to leaking roofs. Poor ventilation, for instance, could cause the attic to overheat and accumulate moisture. As part of maintaining your roof to prevent leaks, you should inspect your attic at least once each year and be on the lookout for signs of algae stains, mold, rot, pesky pests, and moisture.

Enlist the services of a roofing expert

If your roof keeps leaking despite your numerous frantic efforts to restore it, perhaps it is wiser to get a roofing technician to examine it. The endless leaking could be because of poor roof installation. However, with the aid of a skilled technician, you can identify the cause of the regular leaks, and address it once and for all.

Even though the above steps might consume your time, they will significantly contribute to preventing roof leaks and subsequent structural water damage to your property. Just make sure you know what you are doing. If you don’t, it is best to get an experienced set of hands.