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As we know that area rug makes home cozier and warmth, apart
from this area rugs help us to make our home richer and luxury. You can find a
wide verity of area rugs in different styles, shapes and colors. If you want to
make your home cozy and warmth along with luxuries then you will have to choose
some unique rug like over dyed rug. This rug has some unique features that
other rugs don’t have.

Why choose overdyed rug?


An overdyed rug is most demanding rug from past few years and
this rug take more time in producing. A basic rug takes 2 to 3 months in making
but overdyed rug takes more time because this rug goes in dye process which
takes extra time. A color reform rug is basically a new look of over dyed rug.
Some time people send their rugs for reforming and artisans covert an old rug
into new rug by adding some dyes and patchworks.


Overdyed rugs basically known for their intricate colors
which make them unique from other rugs apart from this you can find an overdyed
rug in round shapes. If we talk about colors so turquoise rug can be best on
overdyed rugs selection and mostly designers prefer turquoise or red color. Because
these bright colors are eye catching and leaves an impact.
An overdyed rug enhances your living area and we can say it
may be central attraction for your place. Patchwork overdyed rugs also in trend
and they made from different pieces of old rugs and after that they colored
with same colors but it looks elegant.