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If you have the space for it, consider decorating either an individual or multiple rooms in your home with wild game. Nothing says outdoors-themed more than taxidermied animals hanging on your wall and/or placed on the floor throughout the room.

Right about now images for Ace Ventura’s Pet Detective “lovely room of death” scene may be filling your head. That’s understandable. There are too many people out there that hunt just for the sport of it, only to get a trophy on the wall and waste the rest of the animal.

However, if the animal is killed with dignity and respect, if its meat is harvested and not wasted, then there is nothing wrong with displaying it in your home. This is especially true if you hunted the animal yourself, as it can be a focal point of conversation and storytelling.

Whitetail deer tend to be some of the more common taxidermied animals used for home decoration. This is particularly true for head mounts of male whitetail deer, or buck. Their antlers are truly beautiful works of nature, the way they twist and turn and come to a point. These head mounts work particularly well in rooms with earthy colors and more fluid, as opposed to rigid, lines.

If you plan on hunting the animal yourself it’s important to know where to shoot it. This is important for a few reasons. First, the animal should suffer as little as possible. Second, misplaced shots can make the meat more challenging to clean. Finally, you want to ensure the animal hide remains aesthetically pleasing if you plan on getting the animal taxidermied.

Deer are certainly majestic creatures in their own right and can really help to bring an outdoor-themed room together. In the world of taxidermied animals, though, they are right up there in popularity with fish.

If you want to make a particularly strong statement, and surely provoke lively discussion, consider displaying a taxidermied coyote in your room. Coyotes are small enough that they won’t take up too much space and completely overshadow everything else in the room, while at the same time having a strong, bold presence that will draw the eyes and attention of just about anyone. What’s not well-known about coyotes, is that you can actually hunt them yourself. As a matter of fact, coyote hunting may be more accessible than you think depending upon where you live. For example, states such as Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, and Wyoming have large coyote populations and laws that make hunting them very accessible.