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Your garage door can potentially cause harm to you or your family if you do not practice garage safety. Although garage doors are made to work properly, mistakes in design can always be made so it is important to educate yourself on ways to prevent accidents from occurring by your garage door. There can be up to 30,000 accidents caused by garage doors each year and because of that, here are some tips to avoid unwanted incidents in your home.

Garage Door System

Teach Your Children Garage Safety

Inform your children all the dangers of your garage door. Make sure they know to wait for the garage door to finish closing or opening before approaching it. They should also never hang on any of the garage door components. The garage door is not a toy and they should be cautious in order to prevent unwanted accidents.

Keep Your Garage Clean

Keep Your Garage Clean

When your garage is a mess that can enable more accidents to occur. If you or your family member were to trip and fall while the garage door was opening or closing that could lead to a more serious injury. With that being said, it is best to keep your garage organized and clutter-free.

Inspect Your Garage System

You want to check and make sure that your garage system is working properly on a regular basis to avoid accidents. Check for any loose nuts or bolts and have them repaired properly. Only fix problems within your limits, call professionals for major problems.

Store Remote Safely

Place your remote to your garage in a safe place in your car. Do not store it where it can be lost or taken easily. Tell your children not to play with the remote like a toy because it is important that they know not to misuse the remote. In addition, some cars have the feature to connect the garage to the car system and in that case, a remote is not necessary.

Practicing garage safety is crucial when trying to avoid accidents in your home. By executing these tips, you can prevent unfortunate incidents and secure your family’s safety regarding your garage system.

Lastly, it is important to remember to only repair problems with your garage system that are within your ability, some problems should be left for professionals to take care of.

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