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Green living movement is on the rise among the global population, but so is the awareness on the difficulties of living an environmentally friendly life. Even though people acknowledge the general importance of green living for our planet, financial aspect plays an important role.

Electricity prices are growing and a tremendous amount of homeowners are looking for energy efficient home improvements which could help them save money.  Very often, the first move is changing existing light bulbs with energy saving bulbs. What if people could do much more for green living and sustainable housing? Roof solutions are an interesting example.

Your roofing system does much more than you are aware of. Except for protecting you and your  family, it also determines how energy efficient your home is.  Just like the majority of homeowners, you probably don’t think about your roof all day. It is good to have in mind, though, that when you choose your roofing material, you are not just determining the overall style of your house. On the long run, you are choosing to lose or save energy and, therefore, your expences. Many roofing options can help both you and the environment.

Roof plays an important role in your home’s functionality and energy efficiency. It’s efficiency depends on numerous factors. First of all, the quality of roofing materials and shingles is as important as proper installation and insulation. The main thing to worry about is hiring the right roofing contractor. A professional contractor knows which factors to take into account to maximize the energy efficiency of your roof. Roofing market developed significantly, and there are several eco-friendly and sustainable roofing solutions to choose from.

A green roof is a roofing system made from several layers on top of which is a layer of green vegetation. Except for the visual appeal, it also has efficient properties. A green roof is a natural isolator, so it will keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, which will lover your air conditioning expences. Not only will it save money, but it will also help reduce heat-island effects.

Slate is another eco-friendly and energy efficient roofing material. It’s a high-end material which will last you for even a century. It’s a natural and durable stone which keeps your home cooler. Along with slate, metal roofing is slightly cheaper and equally effective roofing material. The metal surface can reflect the Sun and minimize midday heat in the summer. You will spend far less money on cooling your home and spend less energy.

Insulation of your roof is as equally important. Proper air sealing technique can save you hundreds of dollars considering un-insulated home loses around 30 % of energy. Some people take roof insulation as a DIY project, but it might be a better idea to consult a professional. You have to consider your type of roof, depth of roof insulation and best type of insulation for your location.

It’s extremely important to use the right roofing material and insulate your roof in order to make your home sustainable. There are many home improvements you can also implement but roofing system plays a significant role and, therefore, it is worth the effort.


Written by Katarina, writer and editor for  Reilly Roofing and Gutters.