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If, like most people, you’re not blessed with a particularly big bathroom it can be difficult to know which colours and styles will help to make your small bathroom feel more spacious. From finishes to size, it can be a little overwhelming at first when looking for that perfect tile, especially when you have a smaller bathroom with limited space. A lot depends on your unique bathroom, but there are defiantly some general tips you can get on board with to make your bathroom feel larger.


There’s no shock is discovering that lighter colours make a room feel bigger. This doesn’t mean however that you have to sacrifice colour entirely and limit yourself to just white tiles as any kind of pale or light colour is equally as effective. If your bathroom doesn’t get much natural light a paler tile is a wise decision as your room is relying entirely on artificial light. If your bathroom does have windows and access to natural daylight you can brach out in to brighter and bolder colours as this natural light creates beautiful tones and shadows that can help your bathroom appear more dimensional.

If you don’t want to create a neutral toned bathroom, don’t worry, darker colours such as greys and even black are incredibly on trend at the moment and they don’t have to be exclusively for larger bathrooms. A darker tile can create a cosy and chic atmosphere and when paired with natural wood accessories this can create a very fashionable space. Additionally, darker floor tiles can help in creating the illusion of more space when coupled with a white wall tile for example. This contrast can make the floor space look that bit bigger.

Grout Line

While the colour of your tiles will ultimately be the big deciding factor, something else to consider if the colour of your grouting. If you opt for a small tile and pair this with a contrasting grout colour this can make a wall or floor feel cluttered and busy and therefore make your bathroom feel smaller than it really is. Generally, it is a good idea to match the colour of your grout and tile so that they blend seamlessly together to create the illusion of more floor or wall space.

Tile Size

As previously mentioned, a small tile with a contrasting grout can shrink a room. Even with a matching grout, small tiles can still make a small bathroom feel less airy and the folks over at Tile Monkey would advise to steer away from small tiles when trying to make a room feel larger. Small tiles as a feature piece are fine, but covering a whole wall or floor can be detrimental. At the other end of the spectrum, a large tile can also dwarf a room as It can seem that there is too much surface area on the walls and floors and make the room look exactly how it will be. A small room with tiles that are too big. In true Goldilocks fashion, a medium sized tile would be just right and will maintain that balance to give you a tile that fits the proportions of the room beautifully.


The best finish for a tile in a small bathroom would have to be one that shines. Therefore, the best finish would be a gloss and following that a glaze or satin finish. The shine of this tile will bounce and reflect gorgeous light around the room. If you don’t want a shiny tile, try using metallic or shiny accessories in the bathroom to still get that subtle light reflection in the room.