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Even the simple looking renovations could be in fact complex projects with many dependencies that include:labor, obtaining permits, multiple suppliers, ordering and the delivery of materials, other subcontractors such as plumbers and electricians to name just a few. All parties collaborate around the project, but they don’t necessarily have the same schedule or priorities. Sometimes even a delayed deliver can shift the project timelines, which will add to your cost. Therefore, is important to be well prepared to avoid any unwanted delays and costs.

Determine What You Want

Knowing what you want doesn’t mean the name of your project. It stands for knowing exactly what you, what color, where, how, what brand, and do you want things to look like. If you are renovating your kitchen, you should specify exactly what your renovation should include. Everything from the type of tiles to type of the countertop, size, backsplash, the style of cabinets, down to the faucet and what do you want and where.

This is simple, yet a very important step that can save you thousands of dollars and allow you to manage good relations with your contractor. If you are not sure about what exactly you want, then you talk to a professional contractor, interior designer, engineer or an architect depending on the nature of your project.

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Have a Realistic Budget

Renovations never cost as much as they are shown on home renovation shows. Searching for average renovation costs is not going to help you either. Even if they are accurate, they are just some average numbers. This is where it becomes important to get multiple estimates from contractors to help you with some estimates to budget for. You should have a figure in mind that you are planning to spend on your renovation. But you should have a good understanding on how much each of the project line items cost too.

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Track Your Budget

Before you can track your budget, you need to have a detailed cost breakdown. Let’s say you know your labor cost. If your project is going for longer than planned, then your labor cost will likely go up. You can either use your renovation contingencybudgetor find other ways to cut costs to remain within your budget. The more efforts you put in your project upfront in planning, the better it will be to track your budget and avoid any unwanted delays.

Order the Right Supplies and Materials Before the Project Begins

There are several ways to handle supplies and material. Some contractors prefer to buy them themselves and some want to have everything on site before they can start working on the project. In any case, any orders that needs be placed ahead of time should be made well before the project start date. Depending on your order, certain items have longer delivery time or could be out of stock.  The best approach to eliminate this is to plan ahead and have what you or your contractor needs to complete the project at the beginning of the project.