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Decorating a new home can feel like a daunting task, especially for first time homeowners. The area where homeowners spend a third of their lives in is the master bedroom, and this is often the most overwhelming decorating task that comes with owning a home. Read on to discover tips on how to make the most of your master bedroom space when you purchase a home of your own.

Create a timeline and budget. Instead of trying to redo the entire master bedroom at all once, create a budget and timeline that will allow you to work on the room piece by piece. Decide on the steps you’re going to take and when you’re going to take them. For example: Paint first, wall décor second, furniture layout third. Working on a room in stages allows homeowners to cover all their bases and design a space that is unique to their tastes. Taking the time to plan will help curb over-spending and save money in the long run, leaving homeowners with a comfortable master bedroom that they can call their own.

Create a floor plan. Although this may seem unnecessary, making a floor plan actually helps people better visual the space to be decorated. Master bedrooms often involve large pieces of furniture that can take up a lot of space, so take the time to find out how much space you have to work with. There are a ton of free floor plan programs available online for first time home owners to utilize. Take advantage of them to ensure the space in the master bedroom is used perfectly!

Add color! Painting a master bedroom is one of the easiest and most affordable steps in decorating your new home. The color of a room sets the tone instantly, and can drastically change the look and feel of a space. If you’re unsure about how to create a certain mood or environment in your master bedroom, reach out to the color professionals at CertaPro Painters of Greenville West.

First-time homeowners should take care when decorating a master bedroom. This space is not only a place to sleep, but a place to seek refuge from work, stress, and even the task of decorating the rest of the house! Creating a budget, making a floor plan, and adding a splash of paint makes decorating the most important room the easiest and fun room in the whole house.