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Ask every super moms, home-chefs and food-lovers out there
and they’ll likely say the same thing: kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s
the part of the home where you take your long romantic walks to the fridge.
Each and every beautiful home’s kitchen is different yet
valuable regardless if it’s tiny or large. The similar problem every homeowners
share in terms of their kitchen would be the organization — the same goes for
every part of the home.
But the heart of the home is different from the bedroom or
living room. The kitchen is where you prepare and serve your best dishes, where
you bake your exemplary pastries and where it’s almost always untidy.
Whether you’re an up and coming Martha Stewart or Rachel Ray,
these glorious life hacks and tips in organizing your kitchen will spruce up
your favorite home area and make cooking easier and more fun for you.

racks in kitchen cabinets.
You read that right.
It may seem odd but if you’re really out of space especially for your canned
goods and need to organize in a snap. You might want to consider taking your
wire closet racks and mounting them in your kitchen cabinets. 

Photo source and project details: The Family Handyman

Use a rolling cart for
extra storage.
you can’t seem to find any more free drawers or cabinets; and installing
another built-in cabinet isn’t your option, you can opt to use a rolling cart.
Sometimes, an open storage is best for you and since it’s a rolling cart and
not designated in a specific spot, you can bring it wherever you need it close
to you.   

Make use of command
hooks, tension rods and extra baskets.
 Doesn’t it get under
your skin when your soap, powder soaps, spray bottles and other cleaning
detergents and tools tools are forever cluttered. No matter what you do, you
just couldn’t get them stacked neatly. Well the solution to that will change
your life — command hooks, tiny baskets and tension rods. Every free space
shouldn’t go unnoticed. So if you want to maximize those unused space, mount
these materials and utilize the extra space. 
                               Photo source: IHeart Organizing                 Photo source: A Thousand Words
Metal towel bars as lid
Don’t you
hate it when you’re having a hard time getting a pot out of the pile of pots?
Be careful not to drop one. Also, how much time have you lost trying to figure
out where to put next those lids? Well, the answer is here. Mount a towel rack
(not too bulky; preferably those that stands around 2 inches) onto the sides of
your wooden cabinet or inside your cabinet, whichever you choose. There you
have it, slide in your lids and let them have their own home.

Photo source: Martha Stewart
Divide spaces in your
your utensils in a drawer without dividers or any other tool to separate one
from another will do no good for you. It is a nightmare. If you have the
patience and a few dollars in your pocket, you’ll have a well-organized and
neat utensils drawer that you will surely adore. You have the option to glue
the divider board in the drawer or not. As a suggestion, glue the boards
together and skip gluing them in the drawer itself. That way you can lift the
divider piece and clean the drawer seamlessly.
Photo source: Kevin and Amanda
Mount a pegboard and
start hanging.
you live in a rental or a small kitchen space, this could be a big help for
your organization and stacking dilemma. To squeeze in more extra pockets here
and there, hang tiny baskets where you can put your utensils, spices, etc. Hang
your essentials strategically so you can maximize the space and not waste an

Photo source: Apartment Therapy
Container everything! Just when you thought there aren’t
any more options, one of the most cheapest and ideal hacks would be storing
everything by order in containers and then putting them in your shelves. If you
have an open shelves storage, you might want to consider choosing uniformed
containers to make it appear nice and tidy. Moreover, since you’re storing
everything in a container, think about getting rid of your flour carton and
keep it in a mason jar or glass container. The same goes for your cereal,
sugar, coffee, baking soda, cornstarch, etc. And while you’re at it, label the
containers accordingly.

Photo source: Polished Habitat
The kitchen
is where delicious dishes, tasty cookies and memorable conversations stir up.
Make sure to keep yours clean, uncluttered, organized and yummy to the eyes.
Have you got any more tips to add? Don’t forget to comment your suggestions
Chie Suarez is a
writer/blogger for Wincrest Homes, a company that builds
modern family homes in Sydney, the Central Coast, Newcastle, and Hunter
Regions. Chie has a deep interest in home design and decoration.