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If we want to invest in the right things in our home, it’s wise to takeinto account the places where we spend a lot of our time. Bed is certainly one of them, as we spend at least a third of our day here. That’s why it’s important our mattress has the specific features that provide perfect comfort and keep our back healthy. Here’s how to select it.

 Proper Mattress Selection

Research extensively and set a budget
Before you step into the store, it’s highly recommended that you already know your budget and how much you’re willing to overspend in a special case. This way, you will avoid walking about aimlessly and potentially falling into a trap of seasoned salespeople, who often want to sell us their most expensive items. Also, you won’t feel inclined to purchase a bunch of fluffy accessories in vivid colours and other things you may not actually need, which will help you stay neutral yet effective in your decorating attempts.

Proper Mattress Selection

Before you decide: in-store guide
It’s vital you have some sort of strategy for the store browsing that will enable you to make a quicker but well-thought-out decision. For starters, if you encounter a sales assistant that tries to get you off a model quickly and try another one, hit the exit and don’t turn back.
Proper Mattress Selection

The quality and comfort of a mattress most definitely cannot be assessed in 30 seconds or less. Ask for a test pillow from a salesperson, get into your usual position for sleep and relax for a few minutes. This will help you decide whether the mattress is too soft, too firm or just plain uncomfortable.

Next, start from the pricier models and work your way down. This will aid you in finding that golden mean in terms of price and comfort. Finally, when you find your perfect model, you can also track it in hotsales offers on the internet and buy a mattress online at a reasonable price.

Understanding the traits of different models

While the manufacturers may assign different names to them, these are the few main types of mattresses:

1. Plush to firm range: These are the key words you should pay attention to when trying to decipher the level of softness or firmness of a certain model. We often see descriptions such as ultra-plush, plush, firm or extra firm. In most cases, the manufacturers accomplish this extra plushness by adding pillow-tops and cushions to the standard mattresses. You can also get a model that’s soft when you lay in it but firm enough to support your back.

Proper Mattress Selection

2. Memory foam mattresses follow the contours of our body and change shape accordingly, providing full support on all points of contact. Basically, we sink into it and the mattress exerts equal pressure onour body at all key places. This model tends to warm up during the night, which can be particularly convenient for the colder regions. The way to adapt to this feature for warmer regions (if you really like the feel) is to place it on the floor directly and use it without the frame.

3. Sleep number beds have inflatable air pressure chambers inside of the mattress. This allows us to customise it by adjusting the level of firmness of the sleeping surface. We can change the character of these mattresses from soft to firm at will, and even put them in a reclining position. Lastly, you can even acquire a model with different chambers on each side, so two people can enjoy different levels of softness.

Proper Mattress Selection

In-home trial and warranty
Take full advantage of all the perks that go with the purchase. Make sure that the chosen model comes with a delivery, a good warranty and an in-home trial period possibility. The home trial period can last from 30 to even 100 days of usage, and the best things is, you can return it, replace it or have your money back if the mattress proves to be inadequate. Pay special attention to your energy levels and soreness during the trial.

What better way to treat yourself after a long and exhausting day than by sinking into your trusty comfortable bed? Pick your mattress wisely with our expert-approved selection of tips.