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I have been installing toilets for the last nine years now. Over these years what my experience has taught me is extensive. One lesson that I have learnt and which I would love to share with you today is; how to get the right measurements for your best flushing toilet.

Toilets come in different sizes, types, and colors. But of the ultimate importance is finding one that is ideal for your room and also your needs. The perfect fit toilet is very important. It will leave your room looking beautiful and also allow you to have the best thrill.

If you want to get the best measurements for your home toilet, here are the top three ways that you have to work with.

Know How to Measure the Rough In

When it comes to toilets, the “Rough In” is the most important measurement to understand. The Rough In is the exact distance from the center of the toilet’s flange to the wall of your toilet room. In short it is the distance between your wall and the toilet’s floor drain. Measuring the rough in is no brainer.

  • Take a tape measure
  • Find the middle of the closet bolts
  • Set the end of your tape measure there.
  • Roll out the tape measure to the wall on which the tank will rest
  • Take the reading – that is the rough in of your toilet.

Most rough-ins sit at the standard measurement of about 12 inches. But in some peculiar cases 10” and 14” have also been used.  If you can’t find the exact measurement, you can round off your measurement.

Note: In case of an old toilet with 4 bolts you should take your rough in measurement the rear bolts. When buying a toilet sit down the toilet’s back and estimate where the wall will be. Then take the measurement.

The truth is that if you are replacing a toilet, the rough in for your new toilet should be same as the old one. Getting a small one will leave too much space behind the tank while a large one won’t fit at all.

Bowl Width, Length & Height

The next important toilet measurement is the seat’s measurement. There is round and elongated shape when it comes to the toilet bowl’s shape. To measure a seat that fits your old toilet and space, follow this easy guide.

  • Take a tape measure
  • Measure from the mounting holes of the toilet seat
  • Extend to the front of the toilet rim
  • Take down the measurement – it is the length
  • Again take the tape measure and extend across the toilet bowl
  • Set it where the bowl us broadest – this gives you the width

The best standard round toilet bowls will measure 16″-17″ while elongated bowls will sit at 18″-19″.

Toilet’s Height

For the height what you must know is that the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance toilets; the height of the toilet is normally set at 17”-19” tall (measurement is taken from the floor to the rim of the toilet seat) to make it easy for tall people and those with wheel chairs to access the toilet. However the regular toilets run 2” shorter. Click here (toiletrated.com) to find the best ADA compliant toilets.


Taking the exact toilet measurements will help you to find the perfect fit toilet for your needs. This will be super cool for your loved ones too.