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Mirror splashbacks are the new “in thing” that people are using to enhance the interiors of their house, especially kitchens. It is a glass splashback which reflects. Those who have opted for it swear on how this little change in the decor can work wonders for the look it gives to the room. Be it a contemporary set up or a modern one, this addition of glass does give the space a new class.

Recently, I have renovated my house, and while I was going through the drill of choosing the tiles for the wall behind the worktop, I had in mind all the smudges that will appear on the tiles when the actual cooking starts. While cooking with the use of oil, splashes of water, the steam of the cookers and all the other mess that happens while preparing food. So I was looking for the tiles that can be placed behind the stove which would not need regular cleaning and at the same time is durable. During this tiresome searching, I came across mirror splashbacks as an option to use in my kitchen which had a variety of designs to choose from and seemed a good change from the usual tiles. These are available in different materials like stainless steel, glass, granite, acrylic, marble and much more. From all these materials one gets to select from a wide range of colors, textures, shapes, and sizes.

Features and Uses

  • Mirrored glasses that are used in the splashbacks are tough as compared to the regular glasses that we use, as the latter ones can easily crack or at times even break when exposed to heat. As a result, regular glasses cannot be utilized in the kitchens instead toughened glasses are used that makes mirror splashbacks heat resistant.
  • Glass splashbacks come in a minimum thickness of 3 inches in both gloss and matte finish, both of which are beautiful and depending on the choice of the person these can be used.
  • These are easy to maintain, durable and also not too heavy on the pocket. One important thing to keep in mind is that the edges must be rounded so that it doesn’t cause any harm.
  • Using these in your kitchen makes the place look spacious and brighter due to all the reflection that the mirror throws.
  • In my experience, mirror splashbacks are easier to clean than the ones with granite. Your nightmarish stains can be cleaned without leaving any spot behind with just keeping a glass cleaner handy. Even an overhead chimney or an exhaust fan can help you make things better while cleaning.

Different ways to place Mirror splashbacks

There can be different ways you can place these in your kitchen depending on the size and shape of the room.

One can put a small size mirror splashback only on the worktop below the cabinets. Also, it can be added above the sink, so that wall paint gets saved from all water splashes that get sprayed while washing the dishes.

Placing the full-size mirror splashbacks on the wall opposite to the stove is also a good option which I prefer so that the kitchen looks bright with all the reflection of the mirror. Though it may be a distraction at times, generally it is fine as you don’t get bored with the same types of tiles or wall paints everywhere. There are even dull shades available which avoid the kitchen look too flashy with mirrors on all sides.

Placing the mirror splashbacks in just the right places according to your kitchen type can give your room an expensive look. These can never get out of fashion, and if the color is chosen wisely as per the combination of the room it will never seem monotonous to the user.

This stylish effect is here to stay because people can never get bored with a mirror even if it shows a smoky reflection of the person standing due to the toughness of the material. It’s trending right now due to all the pros it displays starting from affordability, low maintenance, décor value and a large pool of choice it carries for the homemakers. You can grace your cooking haven with the beautifully crafted glass tiles and add glamor to your kitchen.