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Mistakes to avoid when decorating a bedroom

So, you’ve decided to decorate your bedroom and you’re going to do it yourself. And why not? Everyone is capable of decorating – all that is required is the right tools, patience and a steady hand.

You may have already picked out the colours, carpet and furniture, but before you get started it is important to keep in mind some of the common bedroom decoration mistakes.

Before you pick up that paint brush, have a read through these 6 common decorating errors people make when tackling the bedroom.

1. Poor preparation and planning
The golden rule of decorating applies just as much to the bedroom as any other room in your house: make sure you prepare thoroughly before dipping your paint brush in that tin of paint.

If furniture must remain in the room, cover it with rags or cellophane and plan the order in which you’ll decorate carefully. For example, if you’re replacing the carpet, make sure you do that last (no one wants a paint-stained new carpet, after all), and always start painting the ceiling, first.

2. Forgetting to colour test
The colour you paint your bedroom will have a significant effect on the ambiance of the room and the more practical stuff such as how well you will be able to sleep at night. Imagine decorating the entire room only to find the wall colour you’ve chosen is too distracting or lacking in warmth to aid your down time.

Purchase several test pots and be liberal with your testing. Cover as much of a wall or two with your shortlisted shades and live with them for a few days. You’ll soon pick the winner.

3. Inconsistent colour scheme
Bedrooms are primarily built for relaxation which is what makes colour such an important aspect of their decor.

Once you’ve chosen your wall colours, carry the same shade and theme throughout the room. Extend it to furniture, bedding and accessories. Consistency really works when it comes to decorating a bedroom.

4. Getting the lighting wrong
Given its intangible nature, the importance of lighting can be easily forgotten when decorating the bedroom. The secret is in ‘layering’ the lighting so that you achieve a consistent, relaxed feeling whilst retaining spaciousness.

It isn’t as hard as it sounds – you simply need adequate bedside table lamps and an unrestricted window which can be left to throw in as much natural light as possible during daylight hours.

5. Neglecting the importance of mirrors

Be adventurous with the mirrors in your bedroom – they perform a brilliant trick in eliciting a perceived feeling of more space.

bedroom mirrors

Wall length dress mirrors and statement mirrors placed at the head of the bed will help the natural and man-made light bounce around the room and provide your bedroom with a few extra feet of space (even if it isn’t really there!).

6. Over-accessorising
Accessories are usually the last touch people add to their bedrooms to complete the decoration. The trick here is to be conservative; don’t over-accessorise.

The more trinkets you place on bedside tables and atop wardrobes will simply make the room feel cramped and far too busy. And it isn’t easy to get to sleep in a busy room!

We hope the above tips help you when decorating your bedroom. Have fun, be bold with your design choices, but always keep in mind the reason the room exists; focus on creating a relaxed,