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Although digital clocks have become more and more popular today, the more traditional wall clocks have not yet lost their charm. In addition, wall clocks are not only used to inform us about the exact time, but they have turned into a great functional and stylish art wall decorations over the last couple of years.

Using wall clocks is a wonderful way to add some colour that can complement your home decoration and overall interior design. Decorative wall clocks can be made of different materials – wood, metal, polymer, vinyl, you name it. And the best part is that there can be found different types of wall clocks that could fit in properly in any interior design. Every type of wall clock creates a different accent depending on the way they look like. They can be more retro or modern-looking ones, or even neon in order to create the feeling of more space in the room and add more light to your home interior.

Art wall clocks for great home or office interior design

Wall clocks are no longer just a device used for counting the time. In many cases they alone are quite enough to replace the usual furniture at your home or office and “breath” a new life, style and personality in an empty hallway, room or office.

The many variations of the material they may be made of make wall clocks a chameleon, which fit perfectly in any design idea for your home or office. Wall clocks may be made of wood with many elements of living nature, or can be a cuckoo clock, elegantly carved with leaves, cones and flowers elements. Such wall clocks unobtrusively carry some memories of summer and autumn during the long winter evenings in front of the fireplace and are a great home decoration in a place decorated in the style of a hunting lodge, for example.

On the other hand, a wall clock crafted with a hard metal casing and an interesting shape can be placed in an appropriate place on the wall, replacing a picture or a photograph, for example. A preferred art wall clocks are put in a wood picture frame decorated with floral motifs which are most often intertwined vines and flowers. Such a “disguised” clock is a wonderful decoration for almost every home and even for some office buildings, TopCleaningServices say.

Ideas for art wall clocks

There are some great art wall clocks that will make your home and office look amazing and will not only be a functional part of your interior design.

• A wall clock with a wooden face

Created by a true piece of wood cut from a log, this watch has a completely natural base on which there is a clockwork placed. This type of an art wall clock is especially suitable for rustic interiors and can be used in different variations.

• A butterfly wall clock

Butterfly art wall clocks are a simple and fun idea both for your home and office interior design. The idea of such an art wall clock usually includes a wall clock with some additional details placed outside its face – as if there are some butterflies detached from the base flying around the clock. The butterflies create interesting accents on the walls, highlighting the charm of the accessory.

There is also another type of a butterfly art wall clock, which has a simple face, but instead of numbers, there is a variety of butterflies put there. They are usually scattered around in an irregular shapes and form a spectacular accent.

Geographical wall clocks

Shaped like the Planet Earth, such a wall accessory usually has a face without any numbers, and its base is colored in blue and green – the colors of the Globe.

There are also art wall clocks designed like continents or countries of the map. Such clocks are particularly suitable for an office building.