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Highly efficient gas fire designs offer maximum heat efficiency, as well as high heat output with stunningly modern designs.

Custom-made elements and materials can also be integrated into the design to further enhance the look and feel of the layout, such as the finishing trims and bespoke panels.

Here are some of the most modern gas fire designs that will surely transform the vibe of your home:

The Space Divider

Modern gas fires can also look rather fabulous in the kitchen area, so long as it’s been mounted on the right spot. This particular gas fire has a slim-line quality, making it the perfect partition unit to stylishly separate the kitchen from the dining space. It is set to be open on all three sides allowing a better view of the flames, and also to enable equal distribution of heat and warmth to the entire room.

Traditional Layout

Though this one exhibits the classic fireplace design, its modish sleek lines and incorporated line-fire allows it to be a contemporary home feature. It may be quite large in size from the looks of it, but it is entirely modifiable in order to fit both large and more compact spaces.

Outdoor Hearth

If you’re the outdoor type of person, then this particular gas fire design might just be the best choice to go for. It’s the modern version of the hole in the wall fireplaces that can be typically found in the market. This piece is also be available for both natural and/or bottled gas.

Minimalist Approach

If you’re not really a fan of bulky fireplaces with elaborate design features, then this layout is the definite piece for you. The sleek lines, as well as the simple yet stunning sculptured facade of this gas fire was well-integrated into the area, creating an elegant curved finish. Of course, it may be too simple for some home owners, but it definitely has that minimalistic look that some may find sophisticatedly modern.

The Black & White Combo

Monochromatic pieces are always the safest way to go, especially when you want to keep things look neat and seamless. This modern gas fire is fully enclosed in glass, which makes the heat radiate back into the room.

It also has different flame settings that can be fully controlled with the use of its own remote control. The flames can be stretched to cover the entire width of the hearth, and it can also be focused along the middle if you want to reduce the heat output emitted by the unit.


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