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It comes as no surprise that the bathroom is one of the most
important rooms in your home. This being said, as soon as you are able to
afford a bit of remodeling or renovation in your home, bathroom should be
pretty high on this priority list. Still, this is not a simple task that
requires only sufficient funds. If done without a proper research and plan,
your entire renovation process could seriously backfire. In order to avoid this
here are some most common bathroom renovation mistakes.

Set your budget
If you are doing a bathroom renovation in your own home then
simply go for it. You deserve all the best so why hold back. However if
remodeling a bathroom on a property that you are renting or intend to sell, you
need to ask yourself a question of is it worth it. Don’t get me wrong, a
beautiful bathroom can often be a deal-breaker but if you invest too much here,
there could be significant absence present elsewhere. Create a priority list
and act accordingly. No matter how tempted you are at times, it is never a bad
idea to simply stick to the budget.
Plan ahead
Create a detailed timeline of all the works that need to take
place here and try to follow it as much as possible. If your bathroom requires
some basic structural changes, you will need a building permit, so this should
always come first on your list. Next thoroughly examine the old bathroom. In
the recent past, asbestos was a must have element in every bathroom. However,
when its harmful properties were discovered it became a blacklisted material. Make
sure that you remove any asbestos found in your bathroom since health should
always be your top priority.
Bathroom renovation professionals from Sydney claim that
waterproofing is an extremely important step in bathroom renovations and the
most common mistake that people usually make about it is trying to do it on
their own. Now I’m not saying that this is necessarily a bad thing and
something that is virtually impossible for you to do on your own but even the
slightest lapse can have catastrophic results for your bathroom. Because of
this, it is always advisable to go with professional aid on this one.
Waterproofing if once done properly is a permanent upgrade for any bathroom for
ages to come.
Inadequate lighting

Many bathroom tasks require adequate lighting situation. You cannot shave,
put on makeup or even do some of the most basic bathroom tasks like fix your
hair without being able to see properly. Install a powerful light bulb or neon
light and further enhance the visibility by adding a large mirror to the
equation. This mirror will not only serve its practical purpose but also
empower the lighting situation in your bathroom.
It is true that you never seem to have enough space for all you
need in the bathroom. Still, this doesn’t mean that you should make it
overcrowded. There are two reasons for this. The first one is the fact that it
lowers its general appeal. The second reason is a fact that it is highly
impractical. Back at the beginning I spoke about the planning stage. So in this
stage make a list of all the things that you simply cannot do without in your
bathroom. All the rest will simply have to suffer in order for your bathroom
not to be too crowded or even impassable.
You simply cannot put a price tag on having a bathroom of your
dreams. Still, this doesn’t mean that you should spend your entire life saving
on this remodeling. Create a priority list, modernize your bathroom, make it
more practical and above all else, make sure that it doesn’t pose a health
hazard for you and your family. A world is your oyster so let this bathroom be
your creative playground!