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Moving by definition involves a lot of chaos. Something always gets misplaced or lost entirely, there’s a good chance something will break, and someone probably won’t get the memo about your new address (at least not in time). However, there’s a way to at least minimize and manage all this stress. It’s all about being over- prepared. Start making plans, creating checklists, and ask friends for favors at least a month before the actual moving day. That way you’ll have enough time to prepare your new place and tie up any loose ends in the old one. Also, the more time you have the more chance you have to notice if you’ve forgotten something.

Moving Day Made Easy Make an inventory

There are a couple of reasons why making an inventory is a necessary first step. Moving could be used as a good excuse to get rid of all the stuff you don’t need and haven’t used for a while. A comprehensive list will give you a good idea of the amount of old clothes and memorabilia you could sell or give away (it’s usually more than you think). Also, it helps a great deal when you’re setting up a new place. With a detailed list, you can set up a new routine much faster.

Prepare a bag of essentials

You probably won’t start unpacking and living at your usual pace for a while after the moving is done. That’s why you should have a bag or two of essentials to get you over that first couple of days. The bag should contain clean clothes, toiletries, and clean bad sheets. Also, that’s probably the best place to store your gadgets and chargers, especially the ones you use on a daily basis.


Take special care when packing electronics because it’s both valuable and easy to break. Back up all the data before the move by using external hard drives or cloud storage. Buy plastic bubble wrap and secure each gadget individually and try to use sturdier boxes to make sure nothing falls out. Label each cord so you can easily match it to the device it’s connected with. Also, it might be a good idea to take photos of your device before you unplug them – that way you’ll have an easier time putting them back together.

Moving Day Made Easy Be ready for the movers

It’s probably best to hire professional movers, like the ones at Moveage Group if you have a lot of stuff or are worried about more delicate items. Professional movers have their own mobile storage, with locks and ventilation that covers most of your concerns. However, it’s still a good idea to be adequately prepared for their arrival. This means that all the boxes should be sealed and even more importantly adequately labeled – unpacking and decorating is your part of the job, after all. Large boxes could usually be found at furniture stores and there’s a good chance they will give you a couple for free.

Changing address

Moving involves a lot of paperwork and dealing with the postal services is probably the last thing on everyone’s mind, but forgetting to formally change your address could create problems with banks or with other bills from your old place. Submitting a request for address change could be done online or by phone. The process takes ten days to be completed. Also forwarding mail is free only for a limited amount of time, so ask your post office about the specifics.

With a bit of preparation and attention to details, moving day doesn’t have to be such a hustle. Find the company that you can trust, but make sure that you have done your part in organizing and sorting out your belongings and soon everything will go back to normal.