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you about to embark on a home relocation and need to carry out a thorough house
clearance before hand? This guide will serve to help you with the job of home
clearance so you can just take the items and belongings you want to your new
dwelling. You can forget about having to lug your old CD collection when moving
and instead we’ll give you tips on how to make some money during what would
normally be a stressful time. Taking care of home clearance before you relocate
is essential and you won’t be sorry you made the effort now rather than later!
So if you don’t want to fill your new house with unused items, read on and see
how our tips can afford you a smooth transition to your new clutter free home!
and planning
calling the removal company why not first get organised and sort through all
your belongings. While this might seem like a time consuming task, it will be
worth it and should be done well before the movers arrive. If you’re too busy
to reserve a few hours throughout the week, then take a weekend to categorise
your items.
advise separating your items into four separate piles.
you want to keep
items for the rubbish heap/recycle
to donate to charity
to sell
to label all your boxes to avoid any confusion when it comes to waste removal or property clearance!
You don’t want to throw away any valuable belongings!
and van hire

you’ve taken care of all the sorting, it’s time to decide how you’re going to
best take care of rubbish removal. There are various options you can choose
from to safely dispose of all your junk in one foul swoop. One of the most
popular being a man and van hire service. This package will allow you to hire a
van and a driver to load your unwanted belongings or recycling and transport
them to the local landfill or recycling centre.
Clearance Company
you can afford to have someone else take care of all your property clearance
need, then hiring clearance professionals will ensure all your waste disposal
is conducted with reliability and efficiency. All you’ll have to do is point to
what needs going where and can then sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge
that your junk will be safely disposed of.

the time as well as the energy for a do-it-yourself junk disposal will save
you money. You’ll also know exactly what needs to be taken to the local tip,
the recycling centre and can choose which charity shop you want to take
belongings to. Remember that many charity shops are very particular about what
they’ll accept, so don’t use them to try and offload items in less than
pristine condition!
unwanted items
you may have no use for your now grown children’s crib or baby clothes, there
are people out there who love a bargain! Why not try to sell any items you
don’t to take to your new home that are too good to simply toss out as waste!
You can register with an online auction site, or even have your own car boot
sale! The extra cash could come in more than useful with moving expenses.
these tips have been beneficial and will contribute to a stress-free moving
experience for you and your family. Remember that if you choose the DIY route,
why not employ the help of good friends or neighbours to get the task completed
faster and amongst good company!