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It is believed that multi-tools have been in existence for centuries in some form or the other. However, multi-tools gained popularity when Victorinox introduced the Swiss Army Knife. It was not a knife but a set of tools that could help you in an emergency. Over the years many companies have innovated and there are many multi-tools in the market today.

EDC or Every Day Carry includes the tools that you carry with you every day. Most people prefer to keep a small knife, lighter, scissors, torch etc along with them. But more and more people, especially electricians and handymen, are including a multi-tool like Leatherman Super Tool 300 multi-tool or a Gerber Dime or a Victorinox Alox Cadet or a Klein as part of their EDC.

The reasons why you need a multi-tool are many. There are stories galore of people using a multi-tool in difficult situations and there are numerous everyday occasions where a multi-tool has come in handy. For example, a person was able to use a multi-tool to get out of a locked bathroom when the lock had malfunctioned. In another instance, a multi-tool has been used to repair some simple automobile problems. Every one of us has at some time or the other not been able to find a bottle opener or can opener because we misplaced it. In such times a multi-tool comes in handy.

Most people find it difficult to select a multi-tool. They usually have many choices and selecting one is a problem. The solution to this is to first check the number of functions a multi-tool serves. If the multi-tool functions are the ones that you are looking for then you can opt to buy it. Some people need just a few functions while many others need a whole range of functions, so buy the one that you need as per your requirements.

Another reason why you should buy a multi-tool is due to the ease with which you can carry it. You can carry it in your bag or you can even carry it in your pocket. Some of the tools come with pocket clips and some others can be attached to your keychain or belt.

When buying a multi-tool for everyday carry, do not forget to check for the quality. Since you will be using many of the tools the multi-tool should be sturdy and should be able to withstand the pressures, so buy only the best.