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Office moving or office furniture removals can be a very stressful task if you don’t prepare yourself with a good understanding. Usually the moving process will be handled by moving experts, but being the occupant you surely need some preparation to avoid mishaps and expect a smooth moving. The task of relocating your small or medium sized businesses can seem overwhelming at the start. So, here are some office moving tips for you to refer.

Commercial Moving Tips

03 months prior to the move
– You need to prepare yourself about three months prior to the move. The more time you have the better the preparation
– Some companies (depending on the nature) can operate even during a move.
– Get yourself familiar with the new office premises and the location
– Measure all the rooms, partitions and offices at the new location
– Have a good idea about the shape of the offices and furniture arrangement beforehand
– Create a comprehensive floor plan that describes new office spaces and utilization of current office items. You need to make this plan
an official one and distribute copies to all the relevant employees
– Start creating to-do list for each and every item to make your moving process easy.
– Inform your venders about your moving to another location.
– Adjust your delivery and billing addresses promptly with all services provider.
– Just make sure your employees know about relocation. If not then know them in advance.

01 month prior to office removals
– Start to send internal notifications with the plan copy to all the pertaining parties including your employees, movers your landlords
and renters.
– Properly inform movers about the precise locations of each furniture item
– Label the furniture with numbers and colors to represent floors and locations to avoid conflicts.
– Define all the departments, floors and rooms with these color codes and numbers
– Make sure that all the labels are easily visible
– Before the move, Visit to the new space once to ensure it’s organized for business or not.

On the moving day
Check if each employee has the copy of moving tips.
Ask employees to back their personal belongings ahead of the move and ask them to follow the below mentioned tips.

Moving items
Remove the items from the cupboards, wall units, desks and shelves and pack those items securely into boxes.
Let the filing cabinets be as they are (don’t empty them). However, make sure that you secure all these items with a proper lock and apply a thick packaging for additional protection.
You should move the personal items like plants, pictures, legal documents, pens etc. separately in personal boxes. If necessary, expert office movers should be able to supply special container of boxes for these items.
Ensure that all the loose items are packed in sealed envelopes. You should use stuffing papers with the glasses to prevent impact.
Keep all the keys and important papers with you or in safe hand.
If Possible announce one day leave on moving day or schedule moving process on weekend.

Packing All important items
Lock legal and security files before pack
If you need special escort to move the packed files, inform them beforehand
Pack sensitive items into sealed boxes for secure office removals.
If you intend to leave items behind or throw them away, label them with a “Do Not Move”.

Hire Professional Office Movers
Find the trusted commercial or Office removals in Melbourne area that provide you expert moving instruction, thorough inspections, and quality services. Also, you can ask your friends or relative for moving providers if they used before.

Make sure the moving provider you hire has insurance as most of all, office buildings require it.

Garbage disposal
Be sure that you discard all the garbage before the moving day arrives. You may need industrial sized dumpers to move your garbage. Double check the items you discard to see if they are really unnecessary.

It is always important to select a vendor from experienced and reputed commercial moving services. Be sure you check for customer testimonials before hiring an office Removals Service Company. Maintain a good communication with the mover to avoid last minute surprises.