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Natural stone tiles have become more than popular nowadays, as they are very beautiful and sophisticated. No matter of their expensiveness they are a desired addition to many homes. If you want to make such an investment you need to be well acquainted of some details around their cleaning and maintenance. One of the most common problems that people encounter is how to clean effectively the natural stone tiles. The maintenance should be performed on regular basis if you really want to preserve their fabulous appearance for a longer time.

You do not need to be an expert to provide the proper cleaning of the stone tiles, but a suitable motivation and some free time devoted on this procedure are required.

The natural stones are generally classified in two main categories, due to their composition:

1. The calcareous stone is basically made from calcium carbonate and is particularly sensitive to cleaning products that tend to be acidic. Some popular calcareous stones include: marble, onyx, limestone and travertine. They usually require more particular needs and treatment because of their composition

2. The siliceous stone is made of quartz-like items and of silica. This stone is significantly easy for cleaning and is not very pretentious of the cleaning products that are used on it. Some of the siliceous stones are: sandstone,granite and slate.

The first basic step is to determine the condition of the natural stone tile, before taking up with any other activities. Examine the surface of the stone carefully and look for cracked or uneven tiles that may cause additional problems to you. Cracked tiles can cause easier accumulation of of dirt and uneven tiles may also cause unpleasant effect on the natural stone tiles and you may feel the need to polish them soon.
For stain removals you need to follow this tips:
• look for the debris that need to be preliminary removed

• using a clean cloth wipe them carefully

• the place covered with the stain need to be wiped with solution of water and mild soap

• the procedure should be performed repeatedly until the stone is perfectly cleaned

• in the end go back with a mop over the tiles with thoroughly clean water

We advise you not to use lemon juice, vinegar and similar substances on the calcareous stone because that could be damaging for the stone tile. Pay attention to other cleaners that do not seem to be acidic but that could also be harmful for the surface of the tiles. The mixture of ammonia and bleach is absolutely forbidden, because it is toxic and will create very dangerous gas.

If you want to be really helpful for the maintenance of the natural stone tiles you can try to seal them, especially if their density and durability is under question. The sealing of the stone will prevent the everyday spills and dirt that inevitably reaches the surface of the tile. Of course everything depends on the type of stone and basically on its location. If you have made the final decision to do this, inform yourself well, because there are different types of sealers, not all of them appropriate for your stone tiles.

As far as repairing is concerned, the scratches and chips could be removed by simply replacing the tile to get rid of the problem. The tiles tend to be very heavy and that is why you need to make sure that you have the right help or that you have contacted with professional technicians. In case the stone tile is loosen you only need to pull it up and then to put it back and then to use a new grout. The replacement of the grout could turn out to be difficult process, because you should remove the old grout first.

The natural stone tiles are unique pleasure but they must be provided with the proper and constant cleaning if you really want to make them look sparkling and outstanding. Working with Tidy Tenancy Cleaning can guarantee you perfect results and shiny tiles. The regular cleaning and maintenance is the key to possessing the nicest natural stone tiles that you can imagine.