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Statistically speaking, about 9% of burglars access the home through the garage door. For security purpose, you should tighten up this entry point along with other access areas to your home. The following are some tips on how to increase your garage door system and overall home security.

1. Garage Door Apps

Due to advancing technology and innovations in security matters, it is easier to manage garage doors using mobile applications on the Smartphone. The installation of smart garage door opener has made it possible to open the garage door from anywhere. It can also update the user when someone interferes with the door.

For instance, Liftmaster openers are fitted with software known as myQ that allows you to control access to the garage door. For you to use this software, you must install the best garage door opener that is compatible with the app.

2. Liftmaster Automatic Deadbolts

Ordinary garages are very vulnerable to interference due to the emergency release cords on the door. The most appropriate way to secure your garage door is to install auto deadbolt features as this works well with both automatic and manually operated doors. The deadbolts improve security to any garage door. It will protect the garage from external attacks even when the emergency release is pulled. When accessing the garage door, the Deadlock is automatically taken back out of the way before opening the door.

3. Install A Rolling Code Garage Door Opener

Contemporary garage door opener remote controllers are fitted with code technology which generates a new code for every access to the garage door. This is a security measure that protects the remote from hackers as they cannot access the code using their smart gadgets. In case you are using an old model garage door, you should do a new and modern garage door opener installation and all should be well.

4. External Garage Door Opener Security Keypad

This is a system of operating your garage door without inserting any keys. It has helped many families with children. Remotes and assorted keys pose a higher risk of locking yourself inside the garage in case of any misplacement. A keypad opens the door using a command which can be installed outside the garage with access to authorized persons only. Most contemporary garage door openers are fitted with keypads that are pre-installed. Older garage doors can also be fitted with keypads to increase security. With the keypad, you can allow access to your garage door without being there physically.

5. SimpliSafe

This is another exceptional security system that can be fitted on to the garage door openers. It’s small, faster and quite powerful in managing security issues. It has an inbuilt cellular connection which can be reinforced with Wi-Fi to secure homes. The system can also be fitted with an alarm system that keeps on monitoring and responding to any incidences promptly. It includes high-tech detectors and tinny cameras which can capture and send images of criminals accessing your garage or home.

6. Doorbell Cameras

Doorbell cameras are the most recent home security feature that has gained access to the market. They give a high-tech protection at the gates and entrances of homeowners. A typical doorbell camera has a pre-installed surveillance camera that allows you to access it from a computer, tablet or smartphone. How it works

A doorbell camera allows the viewer to see live video of the person standing outside the door without having to peep through the pinhole or open the door. You will secretly see the person at the door. You can access the live image or video outside your door through your smartphone, tablet or other devices without the need for internet connectivity.

7. Sound Alarms

Sound alarms notify people inside the house of a problem outside. The alarm system has three main components, a central control panel which aids in arming or disarming the alarm to call security personnel, the detection device which senses any disturbance to the operation of the guard and finally a siren sound which triggers an alarm.

Having considered all the above tips on garage door opener options and home security risk, you should be in a better position to choose the most appropriate application for your garage door security requirements. If you’re doing a new garage door opener installation, you should consider hearing a garage door repair specialist to have it done the right way, and of course, spare you the hassle.