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With Halloween fast approaching, streets will soon be awash
with the same pumpkins, skeletons, witches and ghosts that have appeared every
year for the past several decades. Say what you will about Halloween, but you
have to admire its consistency.

Halloween Decorations 2015

This lack of change offers up a unique challenge to the
decorator – how to stand out from the crowd. You could go
elaborate, festooning your house top to bottom in every occult, macabre and
phantastique thing you can think of. Or you could adopt some of the tips below,
which we hope are somewhat original in your neighbourhood. As an added bonus,
they can all be done relatively cheaply!

Headless Horseman

OK, this may not be as outside of the norm as you may have
expected, but the Headless Horseman actually presents a unique opportunity. It
is an understandably tricky costume to pull off, so it’s not as overdone as
ghosts and zombies. There is a great way to work it in though. If you can get
hold of some headless mannequins, you can dress them up and stand them in front
of your house as part of your Halloween week welcome for trick or treaters.
You can go whole hog and dress them in your clothes! Get one
for everyone in the family, dress them in old clothes, and place a pumpkin in
their hands. It’s a great way to make it personal, plus if you feel like your
pumpkin carving skills are up to the challenge, you could try carving your
faces into the pumpkins each mannequin is holding.  

Painted Pumpkins 

Staying with pumpkins, the age old Halloween staple has seen
its stock only increase further over the past few years, with “pumpkin spiced”
items flooding the shelves, and the surge in amazing pumpkin carvings. Not
having one wouldn’t feel right, but you may be tired of the classic “orange
with scary face” cliché.
New Halloween Decorations

To spice things up, try
painting your pumpkins different colours.
Greens, reds, and blacks
can all add to the scary ambience both inside and outside your home. If
painting isn’t your thing, try decorating them in less traditional ways.
Instead of carving, use black electrical tape or safety pins to create
elaborate patterns across the pumpkin. The black tape is easy to turn into a
creepy spider’s web.

 Minituried ghost towns 

Want something more craft based? Why not erect a miniature
ghost town? Much like the little Christmas villages that spring up in homes in
December, little hand crafted ghost houses can be a great space filler, and can
be reused for years to come.
If hand crafting is too time consuming, try making something
akin to a halloween snowglobe. Buy some large jars or fishbowls, and decorate
them in a halloween style. You can either put fake spiders in their, fake body
parts, or even do a little Halloween diorama, with a little ghost house and a
few trees.

Old net curtains = Spider webs 

When your net curtains get torn or frayed, don’t throw them out
– they can make for great cobwebs! These creepy drapes can be pulled apart even
more for maximum effect, and then draped over several things in your home. They can help turn your your mirror,
furniture, your windows and your
doors into ghoulish spider havens.

Halloween wreath 

Finally, it’s time to repurpose something else – that old
battered Christmas wreath. While it may have lost its lustre after years pinned
to your door during December, the worn out look is actually perfect for
halloween. Paint it place, stick a few bats on it, and you have the perfect
door ornament.
You can go further with the Halloween art work. If you really
want to push the boat out for your Halloween party, take down all your normal
pictures, have them digitally altered to be more in line with the season
(zombified, blood red skies, etc.), and hang them back up for a few weeks. That
statue that stands above your mantlepiece all year round? Replace it with a
wizened tree branch and a crow!

Hopefully this is enough to make your home stand out from the
crowd this October 31st.