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            There are two kinds of people. The
one always hopes for a bright and sunny day and enjoys those magical rays of
the sunshine that wake him or her up before the alarm clock does. And there’s
the other one who finds more comfort and satisfaction when the skies are gloomy
and when the lights are out. So which one are you?
            Whether you’re someone who enjoys
the bright side or someone who finds more relaxation when there’s less light,
having a moment of darkness is significant in one’s life. Darkness works best
during the moments when our mind and body have to be put to rest, and it’s a
good thing that the universe does not fail to grant us a beautiful nighttime to
spare every single day.
            However, not all people enjoy the
benefit of nighttime and darkness. There are those night shift people by
profession who have no choice but to sleep during the times when the rest of
the world is awake. There are those night owls whose minds work best at night
and are used to sleeping when the planet Venus appears in the sky. And there
are those people who simply prefer the dark side, and wants their bedroom to
embrace their personality especially in the daytime.
            With this, I dedicate these bedroom
tips to human beings whose souls are like those of vampires, easily annoyed at
the warm, burning kiss of the natural light. 
1. Dim the
lights, please


            One of the best ways to make your
room dark is to regulate the amount of natural night. How will that be
possible? A roll of a thin film or laminate is all you need.
Window Film
            If it is possible for cars to have
tinted windows, then why not try the same idea to your home? One of the
cheapest yet effective solutions is putting a darkened window film to the
windows. Cut the film based on your window measurement and place it evenly on
the window sprayed with water. Smooth it gently using a plastic scraper to
remove excess water.
            Darkened window films help block
intense sunlight that enters your room. If your window gets directly hit by the
extreme blast of sunlight during the day, this is applicable to you. You may
choose your desired level of shade from 50% (the lightest) to 5% (the darkest,
where the scenery is barely seen). Aside from reducing the amount of light that
passes through, window films also have some components that filter and reduce
UV light, one of the leading causes why fixtures and furniture fade.
2. Paint the room with darkness

             There’s no doubt that dark colors
bring out the drama and add a little cultivated beauty to your space but aside
from these, they allow your eyes to rest from the intense sunlight.
            You just need a gallon of paint and
an unlimited supply of creativity. Black and gray are perfect accents not only
in making your room darker but also in adding elegance and giving depth to your
room. Aside from these two proven solutions, you may also choose darker shades
of neutral colors that do not reflect light such as brown, green, and blue.
Neutral or earth-tone colors are proven to calm the mind and these are
definitely perfect for your resting space. If you’re too afraid to make huge
changes, then you may consider putting dark wallpapers instead.
    If you live in an apartment where it is
forbidden to change the colors of your walls, you may try the same tricks on
your floor. If you have a hardwood floor, you may darken it with a glaze.
Simply rub it with a floor buffer, spread a pigmented coat of clear finish,
then polish it with a protected clear coat to have a darker and shinier look.
You may also cover the floor with dark carpeting or place dark rugs on specific
3. Cover the

    If you’re still not ready to make these
kinds of commitment, then you may try a temporary solution – cover your
windows. Invest on high-quality curtains, shades, shutters, and blinds and they
will do the work for you.
Roller Shades
            If you are one of those people who
has a reverse working shift or you’re just a night owl who goes to bed only
after the sky starts to light up during dawn, then you will love the blackout
roller shade. Since you have no choice but to sleep during the day, this shade
hinders the warm and bright sunlight from disturbing your slumber. For a total
blackout effect, just mount the shade inside your window frame properly to
prevent light from seeping in.
            The idea of the blackout roller
shade is great but having only this can affect the beauty of your interior. It
may seem like you’re hanging a long piece of black fabric to conceal your
existence from the world but in reality, you just want to rest properly. To
make your interior more stylish, you may pair the shade with other treatments,
such as a valance, a curtain, or a decorative shade. Instead of using a plain,
blank piece of shade, you may also try having a woven shade, a cellular shade,
or a roman shade that will give interesting textures in your room. 
            Unlike blackout shades, window
blinds do not block the light but diffuses it in a subtle way. The advantage of
blinds is you can adjust the amount of light that passes through your room by
pulling its tassel and tilt wand. Aluminum blinds are perfect if you’re aiming
for less light since they are stronger and less likely to break than vinyl
blinds. Just remember that the wider the slats, the less light it allows to
            A shutter, same with a window blind,
offers a limited protection from direct sunlight. The edge of shutters over
blinds is its wider slats that range from 2 to 4 ½ inches. Shutters are also
harder and usually made up of timber, one of the oldest and strongest
structural materials. It also gives you privacy in a very subtle and stylish

Natividad a writer whose mind works best at night. She considers herself as a
night owl and sunlight isn’t really her best friend. She always writes for Sunteca, a leading provider of
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