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Whether your kitchen is small or just smaller than you would like, you would be surprised at the improvements that can be made with small and simple changes – you don’t need to expand the walls to have get a kitchen that feels larger. Whether it’s a traditional English kitchen or something more modern, any small kitchen can be made to feel larger by applying these nine ideas.

  1. Get storage space to match the dimensions of your kitchen

Describing a kitchen as ‘small’can sometimes be misleading. It could be the case that the kitchen is quite long but so thin it can only fit a single bank of cupboards and worktops. Alternatively, it may be that the kitchen is arranged in a small box shape. Regardless of the scenario you need to look at the dimensions of your kitchen and storage that maximises the space.

It could be preferable in a box-shaped room to use shallow cabinets to provide you with more space to move around. Alternatively in a long, thin kitchen, much wider cupboards would be valuable.

  1. Use your oven for storage

This is a simple idea that many owners of small kitchens don’t even consider – you can use your oven as storage. When it’s not being used your oven can store baking trays, dishes and more. It saves you having to use up space in the cupboards, especially as you’ll be usingthese items when the oven is on!

  1. Open things up

Try to avoid enclosed storage spaces – not only do large enclosed cabinets add bulk, but they also make the kitchen feel smaller. That doesn’t mean you need to rip off every cupboard door, but you can look into options like glass cupboard doors instead of the solid ones you current have. It’s also worth choosing open shelves rather than cabinets on the wall.

  1. Decorate in light colours

Decorating your kitchen in darker colours may look stylish and modern, but it can also make the space feel quite enclosed. If you have a small kitchen then you should look to decorate it in lighter colours, to open up the space.

  1. Make use of mirrors

Just as lighter colours can make a smaller space seem larger, the same effect can be created with mirrors. In a traditional kitchen you can add a stylish vintage mirror, while in a more contemporary setting you could add a mirrored backsplash to the hob. Glossy mirror surfaces can also help to build this effect.

  1. Use vertical space

Many property owners become blind to the natural advantages of their properties. Many period homes or converted flats have very high ceilings, so while the size of the kitchen may be relatively small you may have a significant amount of vertical wall space that can be put to good use. Add in more shelves or expand your cupboards upwards. You can even put additional shelving above your cupboards.

  1. Keep it clean

There is nothing that makes a kitchen look smaller than clutter or mess lying around. Obviously no-one wants to have a messy kitchen, but it is especially important if you are limited on space. So while you use your kitchen you need to get into the habit of cleaning up while you go. Doing so ensures that there is always working space to put things down and the kitchen never keels too cramped.

  1. Get creative

No matter how small your kitchen is, there will always be additional space that you haven’t thought about using. This means that you can start to get creative with your storage ideas. Got room on the wall? Do away with that bulky knife block and put up a stylish and space-saving magnetic knife rack instead. Cabinets getting full? Install hooks on the inside for the doors to hang utensils. All you need to do is look at the available space and consider what can be placed there.

  1. Invest in an over sink chopping board

One area that many people forget is the sink. Of course it takes up a large amount of workspace that you simply can’t use either for storage or food preparation. So it can be very valuable to invest in an over-sink chopping board to provide you with more space.