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Nursery Decorating Trends
Whether you’re newly pregnant or nine months pregnant, you’ve probably thought a lot about how you want your baby’s nursery to look. You’ll be spending a lot of time in this room, so everything from colors to furniture to accessories should be well-thought-out. Nursery trends have a come a long way in recent years, so there’s a lot to consider, including:
Theme. First ask yourself what feeling you want the nursery to evoke. If you lean towards a more vibrant, fun environment, you might choose a bright zoo theme. If you prefer a calm, soothing vibe, a sky theme might be right for you.  In any case, establishing a theme will help you make decisions for the décor in the entire room.
Color. If you are satisfied by the “pink for girls, blue for boys,” concept, your paint color decision should be pretty easy. However, the color you choose for the walls of the nursery don’t necessarily have to reflect your baby’s gender. Modern nurseries are showcasing neutrals, such as gray or tan, as the backdrops for the room. You can then bring color in through the accessories.
Wall decals. Adorning the wall with a decal makes a statement that pops, whether it’s over the crib, next to the door, or covering an entire accent wall. New lines of wall coverings are easy to put up and take down, so you don’t have to dwell over making such a large commitment. 
Window treatments. Think beauty and function when choosing window treatments for the nursery. When it comes to getting precious hours of sleep, your window treatments are vital for light blocking. A St.
Louis Interior Decorator
 can help you choose the perfect window treatments to suit your nursery theme.
Furniture. Today furniture manufacturers have designed beautiful nursery pieces that actually grow with your child. One piece of furniture may start as a changing table but easily transitions into a dresser. Certain cribs even break down and expand into children’s beds. With all of the costs associated with having and raising a baby, smart furniture purchases will make a huge difference.
Whatever you decide, decorating the nursery should be one of the most fun aspects of preparing to bring baby home.  Enjoy it!