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While having an air conditioner might seem like the only way to beat the summer heat and avoid pollution and dust accumulation within a household, remember that using it without regularly servicing your unit can cause many health hazards. When it comes to regular maintenance or AC repair New Port Richey residents should only hire the services of a professional to clean up the vents; this is an important routine to get into, to avoid hazards to one’s health.

The health threats might not seem significant, but if you think colds and cough with triggered allergies or asthma attacks are the only impacts an air conditioner can have, think again. Here are a few illnesses that one might develop due to air conditioner dependency.


If you have a stuffy nose, congested breathing and a bit of a headache after staying inside an air conditioner ventilated room is not something to brush off.

Demonstrated in a study by the International Journal of Epidemiology, air conditioning units are the culprit. If you work in an office building which uses central air conditioning, it can pose risks to your health, including migraines, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, syncope, and anxiety.

Adjusting the thermostat to a higher setting to avoid the frigid cold is a good way to balance the temperature. Frequent breaks to get fresh air outside is another good solution to let your body temperature adapt to its normal state.

Weight Gain

Considering that the air conditioner is used to cool places, people can feel unmotivated to get exercise. This then depreciates the number of calories we burn compared to the usual amount we should. Within a natural environment wherein the human anatomy has to work in order to adjust the temperature, air conditioner dependence disrupts this order.

When humidity strikes, people tend to just sit down and turn up their air conditioner and enjoy the cool breeze rather than get some exercise and sweat. This also adds detrimental effects when people tend to consume more calories.

Increased Blood Pressure

From an article on Men’s Fitness and Health, the temperature in which we stay or hang out has an impact on our blood pressure and our overall health.

How? The small arteries in our skin constricting blood flow to avoid the loss of body warmth. This instigates a resistance of blood circulation and over time, increases blood pressure.

People affected by hypertension, hypothermia, and arrhythmia can avoid these menaces of heightened blood pressure by avoiding cold temperatures and minimizing their use of the air conditioner.

Homeowners should be vigilant about any AC repair New Port Richey residents should consider uninstalling or unmounting their air conditioner during cold seasons, as well.

Marta Smith is a health and wellness addict who loves to document the effects that everyday machines and household items have on our health.