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Creative Designs Décor specializes in unique, handmade items for the home. We design and produce our unique items after determining customer needs that for the most part are problems the customer needs solved in their home whether it be entertaining, storage, or issues of a specialized nature where the customer needs a custom solution.

More often than not we offer a dazzling touch for the home with for example, our chic and pleasingly designed Five Tier, all-natural wood shoe storage organizer has the capability to store up to 100 pairs of shoes, depending on the number of tiers your request. We build to create what we call our “Shoe_San” This truly unique shoe storage solution is made of wood, looks amazing and will remain in pristine condition for many years. Our Shoe_San is designed in a beautiful manner featuring 28” diameter circular tiers for a stunning appearance and maximum shoe storage capacity. Saves a ton of closet shelf space.

We also produce unique and very functional Lazy Susan’s in multiple color motifs and sizes ranging from 28” up to 40” in diameter and most sizes in between. Our Lazy Susan’s are handcrafted, constructed as one piece, sanded by hand, and hand rubbed into brilliant masterpieces Everything from Early American to All Weathered Look are provided on our website at https://www.creativedesignsdecor.com for customer review and selection. Our Early American Lazy Susan’s for example, are true to their historical art form and preserve the authenticity of the Early American tradition and pioneer mystic as duplicated like the one’s in the Smithsonian Institute. These beautiful Early American Oak Susan’s are handmade and pre-conditioned to highlight Early American authenticity through our multi-stain process to achieve a beautiful Early American motif – so that no two pieces are exactly alike – as you can see from the 2nd image, the natural grain of the wood will determine the end result “look”. You will have the only one like it in existence.

Our All-Natural Wood Fire Pit Topper Covers add a gorgeously authentic touch to your Fire Pit. Handmade from reclaimed old weathered barn wood staves with cast iron antique handles, our covers will add warmth and elegant charm to your patio decor. Our Toppers create a custom all weathered look motif perfectly balanced on the top of any patio fireplace with a rim so it can be used as a table or serving area. Finding a topper for your fire pit isn’t easy, particularly if you want to use it as a table from time to time, so the we add levelers on request to make this possible. If you’re looking for a cover to place on your pit at the end of an evening or prior to a thunderstorm, our cover is all inclement weather protected against all elements no matter where you live in the United States.

Our shop craftsmen are Veterans with years of Handmade Woodworking expertise, and unique home décor design experience, we launched our shop in 2012, as a tool to keep us active during our retirement. Every product we produce is Made in North Wales, PA and Livingston, TX by woodworking artisans with a collective 150 years of woodworking artisan experience. Our pledge to the consumer, “If we don’t make it, we don’t sell it”