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They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where meals are prepared and shared, and where everyone gathers to chat and share quality time. In other words, the kitchen is the focal point of a home.

However, when the space is small, prepping and cooking meals as well as managing family gatherings can be a real challenge. Plus, it can be hard to keep this organized, making the space cluttered and seem even smaller than it actually is.

Luckily, you have options.

3 Tips for Maximizing the Space in Your Kitchen

If the lack of square footage in your kitchen is driving you bonkers, have no fear! There’s a lot you can do to make the most out of the space – and it doesn’t always involve doing an expensive remodel!

The following tips will keep your kitchen organized, more comfortable, an easier to work in.

Establish Workstations

In order to make the most of a kitchen, it should have an efficient layout where everything can be easily reached. This is true for even the most expansive kitchens, but it’s particularly important for those that are small on space. Case in point: commercial kitchens in restaurants and catering facilities feature designated workstations because these spaces help to make the space more efficient.

The goal of a workstation is to delegate spaces for specific tasks and make sure that the items that are needed to complete those tasks are contained within the space. Some suggestions for workstations in a small kitchen include:

  • A station for prepping –  Whether it’s a specific countertop, an island, or a table, a workstation for prepping is the space you will use to prepare all of your food for cooking. Items that should be contained in this space include cutting boards, knives, colanders, bowls, and any other utensil that you would use for prepping.
  • Cooking station – Ideally, a cooking station should be situated near appliances that are used for cooking, such as the stove, a microwave, a toaster, etc. Keep all of the items that you’ll need to make cooking easier in your cooking station, such as strainers, spoons, spatulas, pots and pans, oven mitts, spices, oils, and so on.
  • Cleaning station – Obviously, a cleaning station should be centered around the sink. Items to keep on-hand in this station include sponges, scouring pads, dishwashing soap, and any other items you use for cleaning.

Make Use of Hooks

In a small kitchen, you want to maximize the space as much as possible. A lot of homeowners overlook the walls, but they can provide much-needed storage space.

Install hooks on the walls for hanging towels, oven mitts, and even cups and pots. Wall shelves are a great place to store herbs, spices, and oils, as well as cookbooks, plates, knife blocks, and canisters filled with food and ingredients.

Install Organizers in Shelves and Drawers

Drawers and shelves are extremely important features in any kitchen, but particularly in one that’s small on space. Instead of just tossing items into the drawers and cabinets, install organizers.

Pull out shelves in cabinets and lazy Suzan’s in corner cabinets will allow you to make the most of the space and will make it easier to access items stored in the back. Sorters in drawers will help make it easier to tuck items away and find them when you need them.

For example, one section in a draw sorter can be used for slotted spoons, another can be used for spatulas, and another can be used for utensils. An organizer that holds pot lids will keep them neatly tucked away and easy to find and access when you need.

In Conclusion

Though it might be nice to have a kitchen with tons of space, you don’t have to have ample amounts of room to make your kitchen neat, organized, and more efficient. With the above tips, you can make your small kitchen appear larger, neater, and easier to prep and cook in. And the best part is, these space-saving tips won’t cost you a bundle.