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The winter months are slowly coming to an end, and after
months of neglect, it’s soon going to be the time to get back in the garden and
start injecting some life back into your garden – especially as you’ll be
spending most of your time in it once the warmer months arrive. When it comes to getting our garden
together, we usually focus on making sure that the grass is cut properly and
all the flower beds are laid out correctly. However, we also need to makes sure
that the furniture we have in our garden is usually one of the most important
aspects of ensuring your garden is completely finished off.


Now that the winter
months are over, you will probably have a task on your hands to ensure that
your furniture is kept in the best state. This infographic is a wonderful way
to make sure that you are completely in the know about what to do with your
outdoor furniture. If you are in the position where you are yet to purchase an
outdoor furniture set, you will firstly want to make sure that you have picked
the furniture set that is perfect for the size of your garden, and of course,
is one that you like! The furniture from Desser& Co ticks all the boxes of
furniture that is conventional and aesthetically pleasing too. Once you have
the furniture, you will need to make sure that it is in the best condition
Outdoor Product Care Infographic

This infographic was designed by the staff at Desser& Co.