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Time and time again,
people are amazed at the sight of water incorporated into a landscape
design.  It creates another level of
interest by adding this element around flowers and foliage.  As a centerpiece or an accent, a water
feature brings your landscape design up a few notches.  Take a look at some of these ideas to get the
ball rolling.

Waterfall Wall
“A stone-stacked
waterfall can make for an artistic way to define a boundary in your yard.  Stacking slate or stone of your choice, and
adding a waterfall system on top of it makes for an elaborately fancy effect,”
said Scott London of Sundays Off Pools.
Classical European Fountain
European landscape design is known for including large, whimsical fountains complete
with intricate details.  Human figures add
to the eye-catching appeal, and the water flowing around makes for a sweet
experience.  This type of feature in your
yard would bring sophistication, character, and history.
Asian Inspired Pond
a pond to your backyard can transform the space into a retreat.  Incorporating plenty of foliage in and around
your pond will only enhance your experience. 
Placing some stepping stones across the pond isalso a great way to add
some extra appeal.
Potted Fountain
pot fountains in your garden can add a variety of texture in the midst of your
plants.  From large to little pots, they
all bring a relaxing vibe to your outdoor space.  With a large pot, you can use it as a
centerpiece in your garden in which your planting is designed around it.  The smaller pots are great to use as accents
that add a touch of that nice water trickling sound many of us love.
Contemporary Waters
those with crisp, clean lines and a very modern style home, this idea may fit
best for your overall landscape design. 
Create a small stream or pond that runs along your sidewalk.  When it’s in the front of the house, say leading
up to your front door, this will make for a very unique feature.  It doesn’t have to be deep, just clean
cut.  For additional enjoyment at night,
incorporate sidewalk lighting that will reflect onto the water.  This is a welcoming and fun way to
incorporate a water feature to your front entrance.
The Bird Bath
out in the garden on a warm summer day is one of the best times of the year to
bird watch.  The addition of a birdbath
and bird feeders will attract more birds, and give you a closer look at
them.  This is an incredibly easy way to
have a low-maintenance water feature in your yard,giving you the added enjoyment
of inviting the birds over,” said Daniel Michura of Tree
, a
Minneapolis tree service.
way you decide to choose incorporating a water element into your landscape
design, you are sure to be complimented. 
It’s a feature that elevates your yard to another level of design and
interest.  Going big, like adding a
waterfall or pond, or going smaller, like adding a birdbath, you won’t be
disappointed in how it enhances the enjoyment of your space.