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Moroccan rugs are phenomenal textile which is invented by
Moroccan rug artisans. A Moroccan rug is enough to show glimpse of Moroccan culture
itself, you can see a Moroccan rug in various designs and shapes. An original Moroccan
rug is weaving by Moroccan folks and we can say it’s a traditional work art for
them and it is the main source of their income. Moroccan rugs production is
started in late 1800 century and that time it was not much famous but if we see
the antique Moroccan rug so we find their designs look still live. So we can
guess on behalf of this how they develop this elegant carpet that still it
looks unique and stunning.
Earlier Moroccan folks used this beautiful carpet in various
type of purpose like wedding shawls, a wall hanging item, horse saddles etc. In
starting of 19th century the definition of Moroccan rug completely
changed now this rug become more modern and stylish. Now people started using
this rug to make their home decor more attractive and warmth.
If you see a Moroccan home interior so you will find the
complete range of home adore with Moroccan inspired accessories like rug,
pillow, bed sheet, shawls etc. 19th century made this rug more
popular in North America and it captured all rug market and still this rug is
more famous among all hand knotted rugs.
A Moroccan rug we can differentiate according to its weaving
style which is also divided according to regions like Berber, Kilim, Beni Ourain
A Moroccan rug is weaving by pure Moroccan ship wool and the environment
of Atlanta’s mountains. That’s why its temperament is so versatile like it
changes according to environment like it remains cool in summers too and this
is the unique feature of this rug which you cannot find in other handmade rugs.

So this is the short story of Moroccan rug which we will
continue in part 2