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Peace of mind is important in the often-uncontrollable nature of 2018. Perhaps you’ve tried meditating, you’ve updated your yoga practice, and have been drinking an absurd amount of green tea. That’s all well and good, but do you still feel off? Aiming to gain better control of your brain and body is one thing, but your environment is another.

If you’re looking to sell your house through SoCal Home Buyers and want to ensure your space exhibits good vibes and wellness, Feng Shui is your answer.

The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui, also known as geomancy, claims to control the harmony of your surrounding environment. Used organizationally in the home and decor, Feng Shui is a tactic used by stylists and thinkers who want to feel more peaceful and at ease at home, which is possible with just a few adjustments.

Beginning Feng Shui

The most important first step to Feng Shui in your home is decluttering. Geomancy calls for ridding your environment of anything you don’t love. While it can be hard to part with some items, purging your home of meaningless things can be therapeutic and vital to creating a healthier energy in it.

A Feng Shui essential, Chi, can be established through maximizing the amount or quality of light. Allowing as much natural light as possible and keeping windows open when you’re able will provide fresh air, which adds to the sense of harmony in your space. Both natural light and fresh air will allow for a sense of calm.

The Five Basic Elements

Feng Shui has five basic elements in balancing energy: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. While these concepts can become quite complex when putting them into practice, they will provide the most overall benefits.

Most importantly, you need to know how these five natural energies work together or against each other. The productive cycle explains how these elements can support each other, while the destructive cycle shows how pairs of elements can weaken the other. For example, you can look at this theory logically: water supports wood productively, while earth weakens water destructively. When it comes to decorating, you must adhere to these cycles to truly create balance.

Bagua, The Energy Map

Bagua, which is the map that controls energy in Feng Shui, controls the placement and direction of furniture in your home, as well as provokes the specific energies you want to see stimulated in your home. These can be as varied as fame and reputation, self-cultivation, career, creativity, and abundance. Once you have a theoretical handle on Bagua, you can begin to decorate according to the specific energies you need in order for your energy and harmony to thrive.

While Feng Shui is a complex balancing of peace, order, and nature, it can provide a much needed overhaul and long-lasting positive effects on your health, happiness and decor. A step towards transforming your life lies in transforming your home. Feng Shui can create the perfect balance you’ve been missing.