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For many of us, the Christmas period is a time for spending time with family and friends at home. And, while you make sure your home is looking just right for the gatherings and frivolity, because you’re at home more than usual, you might also notice some things you wish you hadn’t!

But, with January looming with its grey, wet and cold days, it means you have some readymade jobs to keep you busy, while remaining in the warmth of indoors. If you’re not too sure where to start, then read on for a helpful list to kickstart your DIY career in the new year.

“Most homes can always benefit from a little DIY, so the Christmas holidays can be a good time to identify exactly what needs doing,” said Fulham estate agent, Lawsons & Daughters. “January can be a bit of a tough month, so finding a job that will keep you busy and at home, can work well.”

Take down all those Christmas decorations…

…and store then carefully and securely. Putting the Christmas decorations up is a fun job, but taking them down is the pits. Especially if you go to town with lots of outdoor lights and plenty of tinsel. But, if you want to get the best use out of your decorations, particularly the more expensive outdoor light type items, you need to be careful when dismantling and storing them away.

If your existing boxes and bags are bit worse for wear, then invest in new ones. Take your time when pulling outside lights down and wrap them as neatly as possible, to make it easier on yourself when it comes to putting them up again next year. Home improvement it isn’t, but it’s an important job to do and is something the whole family can help with.

Tidy up your porch and entrance

If you’ve had a busy Christmas and New year, then this area will have been well used. That means it could probably do with some sorting, tidying and touching up. Or, if you feel it’s time, completely replacing!

Whichever option you decide on, set aside some time to do the job properly. Even if that means coming back to it over a couple of weekends.

“The entrance of your home can get very well used over Christmas, so ensure it doesn’t look as dull and tired as you might feel during January,” said Belgravia estate agent, Best Gapp. “Choosing a new door or décor style for the porch area can also help you snap out of the January blues, if you’re susceptible to them.”

Tackle the bathroom

The winter time can be when mould or stains show up in your bathroom, as you probably don’t have your windows open as often as you do during the warmer months. And while winter is still around, it will soon be gone, so be sure your bathroom’s ready to welcome the Spring in.

Jobs include:

  • Clean or replace your shower head.
  • Scrub and re-grout your bath and shower tiles.
  • Re-fit or replace your wobbly toilet seat.
  • Re-paint the ceiling with anti-mould paint.
  • Consider buying some new bath mats and towels to freshen the room up without resorting to complete re-decoration.

Make early Spring cleaning preparation

With all the soggy wet mud outside, it’s hard to keep it from being brought inside over the busy Christmas period. Solve the problem by booking in a carpet cleaner or arranging for a professional floor cleaner to go over your entire home.

It’s something that probably shouldn’t be done until around March or April. But, if you inspect your flooring and get them booked in ahead of time, you can get the dates that suit you perfectly and make additional Spring cleaning plans around it.

“Keeping your carpet and flooring in excellent condition doesn’t always require replacements every couple of years,” said Central London estate agent, LDG. “A deep clean by the professionals makes a huge difference and can be much needed after a soggy and muddy winter, particularly if you have kids and/or pets.”