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Do you really think that your job performance starts when you enter the office building? Na, it starts right from your home, and to be more accurate right from you. There are several factors involved in making you a star at your job and trust me you cannot fulfill all those factors. Just a two would do. You know in your full consciousness that your hectic routine is wearing you day in and day out, and you aren’t getting better anyway. Instead you are tired more than ever before, risking your odds greater than ever, and earning stress more than bucks.

People who have used these tricks are more vigilant, sharper and full of life. Go ahead and checkout these magical tricks to improve performance with fun.


Researchers say that there is a direct relationship with your sleep quality and your performance at job. And come on, no one needs a research to realize that after a long and tough day out in the field, fighting with job stress, pressure and challenges – you just need some relaxation now. Improving sleep quality is one of the most underrated and overlooked aspect of everyone’s life. “What’s the big deal about sleeping, eh? You feel sleepy, just go to sleep” – your friend might say. Had sleeping been that simple people wouldn’t have been taking sleeping pills; they wouldn’t have been going through severe depression and stressed out life. There must be some good investment on your sleep quality as it’s not just bodily health it’s an entire system that is getting affected just because you are not sleeping well in your best memory foam mattress.



These words just rang in your head, right? Yeah, at this point you might be thinking of putting on dull cozy lights and soft subliminal music to help your sleep tight. But that’s just 10% of the sleeping fun, the rest lies in the bounds of your queen bed dimensions. Yes, you heard it right. You are not actually sleeping if it’s done on a mattress that cannot keep straight even a kid. Go to your bedroom and measure the bed dimensions according to your height. The rule of thumb for determining the bed size is that you must be sleeping on it like a butterfly. There are some more exciting tips in this mattress buying guide.

Jog a Mile a Day

Wakeup early morning, visit a park, and just jog the earth out! And in the meanwhile, let the nature feed you with her best – let the lush vegetation instill its fresh oxygen in you making you smarter and stronger. Just a couple of liters of oxygen can make you a specie you yourself wouldn’t believe! Take me as an example. I never considered jogging a necessity by any definition, and I could not figure out why I am a slug all the time. I tried all sorts of vitamins and medication but all in vain. One day, I just jogged a mile in lush vegetation around, and I couldn’t hold myself performing beast at my daily office chores.