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When putting your own touch on any bathroom its important to sit back and see what you already have. Whether you’re completely redoing your bathroom  or you just want to make a few alterations,
great thought must be put into what can stay and what can go.
What you like and dislike about your bathroom? Make a list and start from there. Functionality is of course key in any bathroom as it one of the hardest working rooms in the house. You do however want to make this space as comfortable as possible.
Personalise Your Bathroom
What is the final outcome that you hope to achieve from redoing your bathroom? Perhaps you need more storage space?   or you may want to add new fixtures and fittings? it could even be as simple as updating a tired colour scheme? Everyone will have their own plans on how to transform the bathroom into a space
that’s personal to you.
If you’re struggling when it comes adding your own personal touch to your bathroom then simply follow these tips on how to personalise your bathroom.
Creative Colour Scheme
Personalise Your Bathroom
You want you colour scheme to reflect your personality, some bathrooms can be pretty bare so try and put your own spin on things when it comes to colour.By having your own colour scheme, the room will feel more personal. If you don’t want to completely redecorate you could always use some colourful accessories to create a colour scheme, incorporating any existing décor with your items.

Personalised Towels
Personalised bathroom accessories are always a great way to make the space truly yours. Having your own personalised towel collection allows you to add your unique touch and means that you and your
family won’t run the risk of getting your bath towels mixed up.
Add a finishing touch to any bathroom by adding some of your memorabilia, holiday photos, treasured items, anything that takes you back to time that brings back good memories. You could invest in some floating shelves to display such items that way you aren’t compromising on space.
Heating Flooring
You can add your own personal touch to you bathroom by installing some heated flooring, this can create your own personal spa that you can use on a day to day basis. Of course heated flooring is just one way of heating your bathroom,   you could opt for a heated towel rail perfect for those chilly mornings.