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Moving is not easy and requires planning and foresight. It’s always tempting to do things on your own; find packing material, recruit friends and neighbors, pack, load and move. But if you’re a working professional, or just need to ensure that your stuff is handled with care and reaches the destination intact, you should consider a moving service. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you hire a moving service.

  1. Do you research – go online in your area and look for moving specialists. There are many forums that have users post their own experiences with various moving services. Read through these entries carefully to get a fair picture. Here are a few ways to do research:
  • Ask friends, colleagues or family members
  • Check with real estate agents – they are in the know of things
  • Check the yellow pages or directory for information
  • Go to websites devoted to house and moving needs
  1. Compare companies – once you’ve decided that you’re going the moving service way, make a shortlist of the companies you have in mind. And then compare companies. Screening is key in the process and luckily, there’s help – the American Moving and Storage Association can give you the information you need. There are other agencies too that can tell you of rates and reputation. This will help you narrow your choices down even further.
  2. Get the moving company to do a site visit – once you’ve narrowed down your choices, call numbers and ask prospective movers to come and check your house and its contents. This is vital because only based on this should a moving service quote an amount for the service. A site visit will help the service understand the lay of the land and consider vital questions – lift, stairs, distance from the vehicle to be traversed, etc. The movers can also take a look at the amount of stuff that needs to be moved and how much time the whole process will require.
  3. Inventory – before the movers come, make a list of things you have and get the mover to give you their list as well. Compare to make sure you know exactly how many pieces you have.
  4. Decide what to do – it’s likely that if you’ve put down roots for a few years, you’d have accumulated some stuff. Do you want to move everything to a new place or do you want to discard things? Alternately, you may want to store stuff too.

Storage is a great option and in a place like California, there’s no dearth of options. For instance, storage units Irvine can be exactly what you need for your things. Instead of taking up space in your new home, consider a storage unit or self-storage for your needs. Also called mini storage, you can use the space to keep the things that you won’t immediately need in the new place. You can lease units for as long as you want – months or even longer, if required. Storage units typically have tenants for the space and each tenant gets a container, room or locker for their things. That’s definitely an option to consider.