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Winter is fast approaching and now is the perfect time to keep your bathroom nice and warm throughout the colder months. There is nothing more unpleasant than taking a trip to the bathroom after being cosy in bed to be faced with a freezing cold bathroom – it is unpleasant and also uncomfortable, however easily avoidable by following a few steps that will keep you cosy throughout the sharp drop in temperature during winter.

So, where to start? If you start little you can work up to create a bigger impact.

1 – An area which you may require some attention in your bathroom is window seals – small cracks can let cold air in where it is least wanted, but not to worry, this is easily fixable with a little silicone sealant to stop the unwanted draft entering.However, if the problem is bigger than a quick fix then consider resealing all of the windows to prevent any problems arising again.

2 – Your bathroom needs to be well ventilated at all times, this is common knowledge – however it is more necessary throughout winter as there will be more condensation around than usual due to the cold air outside. Air must flow freely to help remove excess condensation – this is simply done by leaving your bathroom window open after a bath or shower. This is extra important to prevent damp growing and to prevent mould growing.

3 –  One of the most simplest ways to avoid the cold is to get yourself a good quality bath mat – nobody likes the feeling of cold bathroom tiles on your bare feet, therefore having a thick cosy bathroom mat can give a much better warming welcome on a cold and frosty morning.

4 – If your bathroom does not have a heating source the now is the time to upgrade and think about implementing a main heat source within your bathroom. When you come to choosing your new radiator or want to upgrade your current one – you do not have to settle for a basic, plain looking one – there are numerous designer radiators available on the market.

Designer radiators will not only warm up your bathroom – which is the main aim when shopping on the market but also you can shop for a completely unique radiator to complement your current bathroom interior to create a stylish and luxurious finish.

If you have a smaller bathroom, consider having a small heated source with more than one use such as a towel holder incorporated as this can utilise the space that you have and warm up your bathroom. There are so many options available that finding one to complement your bathroom should not be too difficult.

However if you have a larger bathroom or even a larger budget then you have the opportunity to be even more adventurous with terms of sizing and styling. With a larger bathroom you have the option to have larger heat appliances with more unique shapes, and even more so when the budget is higher as you can experiment further with different finishes, colours and shapes. Along with designer radiators, you can also experiment with different wall finishes for showers and also steam settings – these will certainly become beneficial throughout the colder months when the temperature dips.


What is best to do now is assess which area you think may need improvement within your bathroom to prepare you for the winter months, companies such as Designer Radiator Showroom will give you an in depth catalogue of luxurious radiators for your home.