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If you have invested in buying good garden furniture, you
would certainly want it to last as long as possible. In order to prolong the
life of the furniture, it needs to be somehow protected from the harsh weather
conditions. Rain and snow can be extremely harmful for the metal and wooden
furniture, if exposed to such conditions in the long term. Here’s what you
should know.

The Core of the

When water seeps into the wood, wood cells expand due to
rising levels of moisture, and this is what causes the swelling of garden
benches, chairs or tables and eventually leads to the pealing of the paint and
wood cracking. Proper maintenance can significantly extend the life of your
garden furniture. Regardless of the type of garden furniture and the material
from which it is made, if you want it to last as long as possible it will
require some kind of maintenance during the winter.

Store It Away

The best way to protect your garden furniture is to find a
place for it indoors during the autumn and winter period. These preventive
measures can dramatically extend its lifespan. Make sure that the furniture is
thoroughly cleaned and dry before you store it away. Do not leave the wooden
furniture in a very warm space during the winter, but dispose it in a garage or
a sheltered, airy space.

Cover It

If storing your garden furniture is not an option (because
it is heavy or fixed to the ground), an alternative solution can be covering it
with waterproof sheeting
to prevent direct contact with water. Do not cover wooden furniture with nylon
and similar materials that condense moisture in order to avoid the mold or rot.
Also, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper treatment of
the furniture. If well treated and protected, your garden furniture will last
for many years.

Protect It

In addition to the usual care products for wood, for the
maintenance of wooden garden furniture use natural timber oil, which should
be applied on the furniture several times during the season of high exposure to
the sun. Oil should be applied two to three times during the spring and summer
and make sure to repeat the procedure before the winter.
When spring comes, rust may appear on your metal garden
furniture, as a consequence of the improper treatment of the furniture duringthe winter. Rust should be removed by sanding and furniture should be
repainted, which can be time consuming and expensive. In order to prevent this,
you should apply protective coatings on
your garden furniture before storing it for the winter.

Treat Your Grill Properly

Chances of using a grill during the winter are not big.
Therefore it should be treated properly in order to be ready for the next
grilling season. Grill should be thoroughly cleaned, oiled, covered and (if
possible) stored in the garage or shed.
During long and cold winters, we all think about warming up
in our comfortable and warm homes with a cup of coffee or hot tea; garden
furniture is the last thing on our mind. The desire to sit and relax in our
garden when spring comes can quickly disappear when we see the condition of our
garden furniture after winter, if it is not properly treated. Therefore, listen
to these pieces of advice in order to properly enjoy the spring in your