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With spring approaching, now is the time to have the
exterior of your home or business pressure washed. It is recommended that exterior
surface be cleaned at least once a year, particularly after the harsh winter
months. Read on to discover the many benefits power washing can offer your home
or business.
Health & Safety
– One of the most important reasons to have your home pressure washed is for
you and your family’s safety. Mold and fungus adhere to exterior siding, and
can develop into a problem if they continue to grow. Over time, these organisms
can eat through the exterior of your home and eventually through to your
interior walls. Mold and fungi can also develop into a health concern for you
and your family.  Pressure washing helps
to remove evidence of these fungi and maintain the structural integrity of your
home. Dust and allergens also pose a threat to those with allergies, as these
organisms cling to home exteriors as the weather warms up. It is recommended
that you freshen your home when spring begins to lessen the effect of
Cleanliness – Whether
the exterior of your home is vinyl or aluminum siding, brick, stone, or
concrete, professional pressure washing services can remove set in dirt and
grime from your home. Plus, pressure washing isn’t just for your home’s
exterior. Your sidewalks, driveway, and fences also require cleaning and
maintenance. Power washing is one of the best and most efficient ways to remove
tough stains like moss and corrosion. If you are planning to paint the exterior
of your home, pressure washing away dust and mildew is necessary to get an
even, polished coat of paint.
Appearance &
– Maintain the status of your business by pressure washing the
exterior of the building and the surrounding sidewalks. Each day, your business
may have numerous customers coming and going, allowing dirt, like trash and
chewing gum, to become a permanent, sticky mess. Pressure washing can remove
these types of debris, leaving the exterior of your business looking brand new,
but more importantly, more appealing to customers. Similarly, homes covered
with dirt and mold can be an eyesore to you and your neighbors. You can easily
improve the look and feel of your home’s exterior with professional pressure
washing services.Trust the experts at CertaPro Painters of Winter Springs with all of your pressure washing needs this spring