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Does your garage door produce annoying noises?
Does it appear
uneven and won’t close all the way down?
If your garage
door behaves erratically more often than usual, then chances are you have not
been observing routine upkeep like you are supposed to.
Keep your doors
in peak shape by taking the following maintenance basics to heart.

Lubricate a noisy door properly
While not many
are aware of it, part and parcel of proper garage door lubrication entails
knowing what the no-no’s are.
For starters,
rather than using WD40 as lubricant, it is more advisable to opt for a lithium
or silicone spray.
In addition, it
will work to your advantage to know the areas you need to lubricate as not all
parts warrant lubrication.
Parts that need
to be lubricated include the chain rail top, hinges, stems, lock, arm bar and
metal rollers.
Realign sensors
In most cases,
misalignment is the likely culprit whenever electric door sensors malfunction.
realigning the sensors is pretty straightforward.
Fix any issues
by pushing them in position until they face each other.
Once the
sensors are in the right position, you will know as you will notice a solid
light rather than a blinking one.

Install weather seals
If you want to
save energy and at the same time keep moisture from your garage, installing
weather seals is your best recourse.
When applying
weather seals, you need to prioritize 3 key areas: the door’s bottom edge,
in-between the door panels and the door frame.

Reset the opener
When your
garage door automatically opens, closes briefly or does not stop before it
meets the ground, then more often than not, your opener needs resetting.
While resetting
procedures for different models vary, the following instructions often apply:
Unplug the opener and wait at least 10 seconds before turning it back on. Keep
pressing the down arrow button until the door is completely closed. Hit the
‘set’ button right after. Press the up arrow button and stop only when the door
is about six inches from the opener. Hit the ‘set’ button and you are good to

Clean the track
When garage doors
become sticky or produce squeaky noises, it is time to clean the tracks.
As a good rule
of thumb, refrain from lubricating the tracks when it squeaks or becomes
Instead, clean
the door track using a damp cloth.

If you need to get
rid of sticky residues, spraying WD40 is recommended. Keeping your garage door in superior condition is no rocket science. Ensure you observe the abovementioned
maintenance tips at all times and you can look forward to enjoying savings and
your garage door for many years to come.