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There are a number of reasons why somebody would be looking forward to making a Professional Home Stethoscope:
1)    He or she may be a medical student who is facing a budget crunch and will therefore look forward to coming up with ways to curtail expenditure.  Instead of going out and buying a stethoscope that is sold by established companies, he or she may look forward to finding tools that are easily available in the house to construct one.  It may not be as good as the ones that are professional, but it can more or less serve the purpose.

2)    People who are conscious about their health and always willing to take the necessary steps to monitor the current state of affairs will also look forward to ways in which they can make a Professional Home Stethoscope. 

3)    Another reason people like to have information handy with regard to Professional Home Stethoscope is that they can easily come up with something, in case a medical crisis arises.  Usually, this category of people are the ones who have seen some sort of event before where they felt that the availability of information would have been useful to them.  Perhaps, there is every chance that they could have done things differently.
However, once a decision has been made to construct a stethoscope using items that are easily available at home, it will be seen that the following three elements will be shortlisted:
1)    A magnifying object
2)    An extension
3)    Hearing aid
How does it work
The magnifying object has a distinct function.  The pulse, which is a representative of the heartbeat of a person, will be magnified so that it is audible to the doctor who will be monitoring.
Now, because the doctor will not be able to stick his ears to every part of the patient, chances are, he will look for an object that will bring the magnified sound to his ears.
The next item that is of assistance is the hearing aid.  It is similar to the functions of a headphone, which the doctor can insert into his ears to hear the pulse.  He will be able to compare it with a watch or a clock and have a perfect idea about the beats per minute.

An important thing to keep in mind while using a stethoscope, is to be aware of the upper and lower limits of permissible heart beat levels.  Otherwise, it would be of no use if a person went to all this trouble to construct a stethoscope but actually knew nothing as to what to do with it, because he does not know what the normal range is. 

A bit of research and studying with regard to the basics not only make it easier to construct an apparatus such as this at home, but also equip someone with the basic information that they would need to interpret what they find. A homemade stethoscope can actually be very helpful for those who put in the effort.