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No property owner would ever start out wishing to do harm to his lawn. Yet over time and as everyday life gets in the way, proper care and maintenance of any turf becomes harder and harder to do. Even if you have kids in the family, they may not be so willing to take a run at the lawn mower or even water the plants. How do you not let your now beautiful lawn turn into a dried-up, brown-patched, neglected piece of land?

Think about getting professional reticulation. Perth lawn experts recommend working on your sprinkler system and gauging whether it is doing its job or not. If it is the latter, then it is high time to get your watering system redesigned. Because if your sprinklers are not watering where they should be watering, then you are not only wasting water but also opportunities for nourishing your lawn.

What reticulation does is provide the right number of sprinklers for the right lawn size, the appropriate type of sprinklers for your landscaping design, maximise the source of water for your sprinklers to use, and overall, ensure that your flower beds, your perennials, and your turf variety are getting enough nutrients. Essentially, with professional reticulation, your lawn takes care of itself.

Ideally, you will want to configure the reticulation plan when you get lawn installation. Perth lawn experts can provide a much better match for your landscaping design with the ideal reticulation plan. The number of sections will be determined followed by the type of sprinklers to install.

For instance, a garden with several sections might do better with impact rotors as these sprinklers spray multiple streams of water, covering more areas than stationary spray pop-ups. With the proper sprinklers, every bed, every plant, and every blade of grass gets enough water to keep your lawn looking lush.

Turf laying, Perth property owners might want to know, could also affect reticulation. Some turf varieties may require more watering than other varieties. Some varieties may even be drought-tolerant. The Sir Walter Buffalo turf, for one, can stand up against dry seasons. By knowing what type of grass you want on your lawn, your reticulation expert will know the exact placement of your sprinklers as well as determine installation height.

Your grass can be greener. You just have to find the right reticulation expert to take a look at your lawn. And soon enough, you’ll have the perfect lawn watering plan to keep your turf looking green for a long time to come.

About the author: Kenneth Lawrence is a passionate “Handyman” and a content creator. He writes article about lawn care services, landscaping designs, home renovation tips, kitchen improve ideas, home appliances and other topics that can help you improve houses and properties.