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When it comes to taking care of your beloved lawn, you rarely compromise with quality. Starting from removing the weed to buying a string trimmer for mowing, you do the best you can. We are concerned of this extra care for lawn of yours and we’ve did something to make you even better.

Starting to Mow Your Garden

Like it or hate it, mowing is one of the most essential care for your garden.

As a lawn or garden owner, mowing is one of your regular duties. To keep the grasses neat and shiny, you may use a string trimmer or something else that has mechanical perfection in it.

But when it comes to the question that how often you have to do that, most of us get confused and make our own theories. Irregularity and too much frequency- both can harm the quality of mowing and your lawn health as well.

That’s what today’s article is all about. Keep reading.

Basics of Lawn Mowing Height: The One Third Rule

The growth and height of the grass if your lawn depends on the grass type. Of course, the grass of a golf course won’t be the same to a home lawn. But with the proper placement of cutting heads of a string trimmer, you can reduce the grass height into whatever you want to. But the ideal proposition is to cut down one third of the grass. Gardeners call it  The One Third Tule and if you do any more or less, it would harm the quality of the lawn.

Here are some seasonal definitions of how often you should go mowing-

  • Early Spring

During early spring, you should do mowing less often than the other seasons. As long as the growth of grasses are less in these days, it would take more time to grow up and ask for cutting down a bit. Cutting fortnightly is quite okay until the seasons warms up at late spring.

  • Late Spring and Summer

When the spring ends, it’s almost like the summer. Both the rains and sunlight are more during then and grasses grow up quite fast. So, if you keep mowing less frequently, the One Third Rule will be broken. So, you should mow something like ‘Twice a Week’.

Cutting Lawn Grasses at The Right Height

Although, it’s all up to your personal preferences and choices, but there are some ideal values. To make the calculation easy, we have researched out three options of cutting heights based on the preferences-

  • Usually, if you want your lawn to look neat and tidy, keep the grass height at 2.5-4.5cm range.
  • Sometimes, in the patches that are likely to get more wear and are used heavily, you can go for little bit more like 4-5cm grass height.
  • Also in cases of grasses that are under shades or something, you can go for longer heights of 7-8cm.

How to Adjust the Cutting Height

For now, we are taking that you use a string trimmer for cutting grasses. So, based on the season and grass height, you can change the Nylon line and cutting head that cut the grass. For each season, change the height of the blade at the start and end of the season.