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your kitchen make you unhealthy? “How?” you may ask.  Most people spend a
significant amount of time in their kitchen preparing and cooking meals while
others take time to catch up with the rest of the family in there. If for one
reason or another, the quality of air inside your kitchen is not good, it can
pose problems for the people breathing that air. Problems can range from small
allergic reactions to serious respiratory complications.


cooking process involves production of harmful by-products such as heat, grease
and smoke, which are likely to build up in improperly ventilated kitchens. Odours
resulting from piled up dirty dishes can soak into your clothing, fabrics and
carpets creating poor air quality.
if these by-products have no way out of your kitchen, they will settle on your
cabinets and countertops. Not only will they destroy the nice finishes on the
surfaces where they settle, they also become the genesis of health problems
such as asthma and allergies.
can you avoid poor air quality in your kitchen?
can avoid poor air quality in your kitchen by asking your interior to set up a kitchen design that will effectively
works for you and have proper ventilation. A well designed kitchen should focus
on being both beautiful and functional. Here are some tips you can use to come
up with an elegant and practical kitchen design:
  • Ensure the area with the greatest
    activity, the sink and your oven are easily accessible and are spacious
    enough for easy food preparation.
  • Include enough storage space for
    all your kitchen stuff.
  • Provide enough lighting in the
    kitchen more so because a lot of sharp kitchenware is used.
  • Include a backlash in your plan
    so that cleaning off that grease out of your kitchen will be easy and
  • Have bins to efficiently deal
    with your kitchen trash.
  • Engage an interior designer when
    designing your kitchen as they have the expertise to plan for safety,
    quality and the latest trends, which you may not be familiar with.
what is a well designed kitchen without proper ventilation? Good ventilation is
vital to having clean air in your kitchen, and without proper ventilation in
your kitchen, a whole lot of problems including damage to your health are going
to be abound.
are the benefits of adequately ventilating your kitchen?


your kitchen has good ventilation, below are the benefits that you will most
certainly enjoy:
    • Cooking by-products such as
      grease and odors have minimal chance of accumulating on your curtains.
    • All cooking heat will get out of
      your kitchen immediately it forms.
    • The finishes on your cabinets
      will remain preserved, as there are no acidic contaminants condensing on
    • No moist air will remain in your
      kitchen and so there is little chance of your wallpaper getting
    • Proper ventilation discourages
      growth of molds and bacteria on your cooking areas and countertops.


  • Also with proper ventilation,
    there is little circulation of spores and pollen from your
    kitchen/household plants which is associated with allergies.