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There are many myths about touch-sensitive faucets. And this article will beat down each and every one of them. Touch faucets need a simple tap of the finger or elbow to start. They are easy to clean, effective, and long-lasting.

To better understand anything, it’s great to look at the pros and cons of touch faucets. There’s nothing wrong with switching to upgraded technology. Be it for your daily needs in the kitchen. Doesn’t matter if you’re an occasional cook. Cleanliness is an important feature for touch faucets.

The Upsides of Using Touch Faucets

  1. Convenience

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A touch faucet is unlike any other traditional faucet. It uses a simple touch of the finger, elbow, or the back of your hand. A simple way to get the water running without getting the tap or faucet dirty. If this doesn’t make the faucet convenient, then what will?

The whole point of eliminating the tap for a faucet is to save time. If both your hands are full, having a touch faucet helps. Be it dishes or your mobile phone, a quick tap on the neck of the faucet, and you’re done!

Now you may think that touch faucets can be too sensitive. That is not true. When you buy a high-quality touchless kitchen faucet or touch faucet, you need a metallic sink. Also, insulating the tap during installation is very important.

These simple upgrades make a touch faucet not only convenient but efficient.

  1. Cleanliness

Cleanliness is a major factor of consideration when looking at touch faucets. This applies to faucets installed in kitchens and bathrooms. You’re more likely to get the tap dirty when using a traditional faucet. But with a touch faucet, this is not the case.

A high-quality touch faucet responds to touch in unique ways. Even if you touch the touch with dirty hands, you can clean it easily afterward. For example, some faucets have a milliseconds-touch activation.

This means you need to keep touching the tap for a few milliseconds for the water to flow. A quick touch won’t do the trick. This makes a touch faucet easy to clean and maintain.

  1. Safety

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Touch faucets are safe for children. Imagine how hard it will be for a kid to turn the tap of a standard faucet. With a touch faucet, all one needs to do is tap the neck of the faucet.

They don’t have to reach hard to touch the tap. With the help of an adult, once you teach a kid how to use a touch faucet. There’s nothing quite like it. You can save water in the long run. And keep your kitchen counter clean.

We’re all looking for ways to save energy in our homes, so you would be glad to know that this does too.

The Downsides of Using Touch Faucets

  1. Installation

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You need either a power source or batteries for powering a touch faucet. This makes the entire installation process of a touch faucet tricky.

As with traditional faucets, a plumber is enough to do the trick. As with advanced technology, the use of electricity or batteries is vital. As with touch faucets, you either need AA batteries or A/C power.

This means you need to find a suitable spot to install an A/C power adapter. Or have enough room to install a battery pack close to the faucet.

The battery life of AA batteries is between 2-5 years. And that of A/C power comes on your monthly power usage bill.

  1. Power Usage

Unlike traditional faucets, touch faucets run on electricity. It may amount up to nothing on a monthly basis, but in the long run, it does add to the overall bill.

If you choose to buy a touch faucet which runs on AA batteries. This can reduce water electricity usage. AA batteries run for about 2 years without stopping. Wouldn’t it be easier to exhaust battery power rather than up your power usage bill?

Final Take

The benefits of using a touch faucet exceed expectations. You can know this only after reading about the pros and cons of touch faucets. They’re effective, efficient, and durable. I haven’t seen any complaints from touch faucet users. Except for the tricky installation. Even the power usage problem is solved when you choose AA batteries over A/C power.

That said, the advantages of a touch facet win the game. Think how much easier it will be for you to wash dishes with a touch faucet. You can bid farewell to a dirty and sticky tap!

Touch faucets run without a fuss. And to make sure they stay that way you need to invest in a good brand. Brands like Delta or Brizo offer modern and contemporary faucets. With features that are accessible and comfortable to use. Which pros and cons of touch faucets do you agree with? Share your thoughts below to find your ideal fit!

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