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The installation of our solar films (tinted glass) in your home provides your family with the protection they need to avoid the harmful UV rays, excessive heat, discoloration of their furniture and that annoying shine on your computer or TV, saving electricity and giving you the privacy and the style you want.



The sun’s harmful UV rays can cause serious skin damage (spots, photo-ageing (wrinkles) and, in the worst case, cancer). With the installation of our solar films (tinted windows) in the windows of your house or apartment, you and your family will be protected, as they reject up to 95% of the UV rays.

The 3M sheet technology controls the energy and heat of the sun, increasing the insulating performance of the windows as if adding one more panel to its crystals (eg, going from individual glass to double panel, or triple if it is installed in a double glass) so on the one hand decreases the amount of radiant heat that their crystals absorb while increasing its capacity to refloat when trying to transfer to the interior of the room.


The unpleasant thermal sensation on sunny days (or in hot environments), is an exhausting experience for you and your family, forcing them to turn on the air conditioning or fan and thus increasing electricity consumption. With the installation of our solar films (tinted windows), you and your family can avoid excess heat in your home, thus contributing to the saving of electricity and the care of the environment.


The UV rays of the sun, with the passage of time, produce the discoloration of your furniture, curtains, carpets, floors and works of art. Window Tinting Sunshine Coast and its solar films (tinted windows) will help you protect your assets, prolonging their beauty by detecting up to 95% of the UV rays that cause discoloration.


The installation of our solar films (tinted windows) allows you and your family to have the curtains and blinds of your home open in order to enjoy the sunlight while watching television or use the computer, tablet or cell phone to reduce that annoying shine on your screens but without darkening the atmosphere of your house or apartment.


The installation of our solar films (tinted windows) improve the privacy and style of your home, safeguarding the curiosity of others but without compromising the entry of natural light, being a great alternative to blinds and curtains. Likewise, from the outside, the films offer a uniform and stylized appearance that is complemented by your house or apartment.

  • Energy conservation

The effective use of Solar Film can reduce solar heat accumulation by up to 77%, considerably reducing the need for air conditioning, blinds and lighting, as well as contributing to more efficient temperature control.

  • Greater comfort

The light and the heat of the sun when they are too intense reduce the comfort of the interior of the buildings. The Solar Film allows you to create an optimal and comfortable environment.

  • Reduction of discoloration and shine and reflections

The solar Film can be very useful to protect shop windows, galleries and furniture because they prolong the life and color of your goods because they reduce the harmful rays of ultraviolet light up to 99.9%. By remarkably reducing the brightness, the Solar Film reduces the eye effort that occurs when looking at a screen with the direct incidence of light.

  • The heat stays at home

The Solar Film offers the traditional benefits of solar control sheets for windows, as it rejects heat and blocks harmful UV rays. In addition, it elevates performance to another level, protecting against heat loss when the weather is cold. The sheet has a patented structure that helps to reflect inside the heat that is produced in the interior and tries to leave through the window, improving the interior comfort by reducing the cold currents next to the windows. The high transmission of visible light offers a neutral color that does not change the appearance of your home or building.


  1. The use of limited time After a long period of use, there may be blisters, curling and other phenomena, the secondary repair is also difficult, can only be re-posted.
  2. Privacy:Although you can block the outside world to a certain extent if you choose the quality of the window film is not particularly good, in the evening at home opened the lights, from the outside you can still see the shadow.
  3. Privacy and ventilation cannot be taken into account. If you want to open the window for ventilation and ensure privacy, then there will be certain difficulties.