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What a nice day to stay outside: the birds are chirping, the wind is mildly blowing, and the beautiful sun is shining. Drinking a warm cup of brewed coffee while comfortably sitting in your patio, glaring at nature’s beauty is an ideal activity during the early hours of the morning. However, after a couple of hours, you are forced to go back inside since the heat of the sun starts to get intense and basking gives you painful burning sensation rather than a cozy feeling.

It’s a good thing that with the astounding benefits of retractable roof systems, you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors any time of the day. Often referred as “operable roofs” or retractable skylights”, these roof systems are designed to roll back on tracks, serving as a link to interior and exterior. Retractable roofs come in different forms, sizes, and types, like fabric and glass retractable roofs that can be flat, ridge, hip-ridge, dome, and barrel. They are composed of architectural grade aluminum and stainless steel fixtures for high durability and smooth operation.

David S. Miller, founder of Rollamatic Retractable Roofs started the idea of moveable and remotely controllable roof section for houses and buildings in 1963. Today, these roof systems continue to gain popularity due to its durability, function, and elegance.

These roof systems may be quite expensive for some but their benefits may convince you that having them installed in your home is worth every dime. Here are some of the reasons why retractable roof systems are interesting additions to your home. 

Versatility that can keep up with your

There are moments when you’re worn out and
you just want to chill in your veranda while staring at the picturesque view to
rejuvenate your senses. There are also times when you suddenly feel the need of
sun’s warm kiss by sunbathing in your very own home. Whatever your preference
is, you can enjoy the best of both by having a retractable roof system. Unlike
other roof systems, the retractable ones are more flexible, allowing you
control the amount of sunlight that enters your space. Most of these come with
a remote control for easy access. With just a few clicks, you can roll the canopy
of the roof in or out, and adjust the roof based on the movement of the sun.

These roofs are not only exclusive for daytime enjoyment. At night, you may adjust your roof so you may enjoy eating dinner under the canopy of stars.

Space efficiency

If you run out of space in your living room, retractable roof systems allow you to extend your living area. You can
blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living since these roofs offer
maximum protection against sunlight that you usually get in the comfort of your
interior. They come in different colors, styles, and can even be customized to
match the look of your indoors. With this, you can even save money from energy
consumption since you can turn the lights and the air conditioners off during
daytime and read your newspapers outside while being pampered by fresh air.
Furniture protection against harmful UV

Retractable roof systems can help extend
the life and the quality of your most valued possessions like your furniture by
keeping them from deteriorating. Exposure to UV light is one of the leading
causes why furniture fade. Aside from the roof itself, outdoor shade systems
that have UV protection components can also be installed in the retractable
roof system. The protection can even extend to your indoor furniture if the
system is installed to block the sunlight through windows. 

A mighty defense against
terrible weather

Retractable outdoor shade systems do not
only protect you and your belongings from direct sunlight but also from strong
winds, rain, hail, and snow. These roofs that are made of waterproof fabrics
can withstand such conditions and keep your patio or terrace protected while
you’re having your cup of tea in the middle of the strong rain. And when you’re
not around the corner, you can still be protected since most of these roof
systems have wind and rain sensors, automatically roll the roof out when
needed. Aside from protection, you can maximize rainwater since most of the
retractable roofs come with inbuilt water gutters.

Cooler temperature
through natural ventilation

One of the reasons why these operable
roofs are must-haves is they can give you cooler temperature and are proven to
reduce the energy consumption costs up to 25%. This is because of its natural
ventilation system that aims to reduce heat transfer and let indoor temperature
and humidity very close to the natural state. Retractable roofs are good ways
of defeating the ongoing climate change since they have good ventilation design
that enables wind pressure difference cause natural air flow.

Modern elegance

They are usually admired in courtyards,
high-end bars, and restaurants. Isn’t it a brilliant idea to incorporate it in
your own home? Retractable roof systems are undoubtedly visually appealing
additions to your exterior. These are not only limited to one’s patio or porch.
These can also be put in your pool area, where you may enjoy the beauty of the
sky using glass retractable roofs while having a quick dip. Or perhaps  install LED system for a more lively
atmosphere during house parties at night. 

Carmina Natividad considers herself as a night owl and
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