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Over time  a Living Room can begin to look tired and in need of a touch of TLC. A place where families spend a lot of time, its only natural for furniture to succumb to the wear and tear of everyday life.We understand that you may not necessarily have the time or the money to give your living room a complete makeover – instead you can make small adjustments that can give the illusion that you’ve made dramatic changes.

There is no need to spend  thousands of pounds  revamping your tired outdated Living Room when you can make smaller changes that will make your living space seem like new but for a fraction of the price.

Add Colour

Changing your colour scheme is often more trouble than it’s worth – especially when you’re not starting with a blank canvas. Giving your home a fresh coat of paint can work wonders – the space can look entirely different. Opt for lighter shades to make the room brighter, it’s amazing what a lick of white paint can do for a smaller room, the light reflects off the walls making the room feel bigger.

Purchase a Rug

If your carpet is looking tattered or your wooden floors are starting to look rather bare then it may be worth investing in a new rug. Area rugs are just a fraction of the price of what replacing your whole flooring space could amount to. A large area rug can dramatically change the look of a room, whether you’re looking for an intricate colourful design or a softer shade to brighten up wooden flooring – there are hundreds of styles covering a wide price range.

Rearrange your Furniture 

Having a bit of a change around can completely transform a space. If your furniture has sat in the same position for years then switch it up and try a new layout. If your space is over crowded then take out some pieces and move them to other areas of the home – for example if you’ve got an extra arm chair then you could move it up to your bedroom. Repositioning your furniture could give you a completely new perspective on your living room – give it a go.

Image Credit: Sofa SOS

Put up Pictures

If your have any bare walls in your living room then make use of them, canvases are relatively easy to get hold of and they can really make your once tired walls look full of life. The opportunities are literally endless, with a good piece of artwork you could transport your living room from a tired room to an exotic beach, tranquil countryside or even an African sunset.

Redress your Windows

Window decoration can have a huge impact on your living room space, for example if you have opted for dark curtains hanging in the window then you’re allowing in minimal natural light. If you want to give your living room a new lease of life then you should try going for lightweight drapes, the more natural light the better. Thick curtains however are great for keeping the warm in in the winter – again if you must got for curtains opt for lighter brighter materials that with make the room feel bigger.