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Who doesn’t love to have a
perfect home right out from the interior design magazines? But a high-end home
usually comes with a steep price tag. If you are reading this post, it is safe
to assume that even you are in the bracket of budget-friendly people. Well, the
good news is that you can have a home worth a million bucks without breaking
your bank. Today we bring to you tips that designers use to create an elegant
and luxurious living space. Here are some quick fixes that can give your home
an instant facelift and that too without costing an arm and a leg.

Dress up your walls

Walls are like a canvas where you
can show your creativity. You can splash your walls with colors using the best painting
in your area and spice up your home décor in a jiffy. If you
want to design a more elegant and sophisticated space, go for the classic.
Neutral colors blend effortlessly with every décor. On the other hand, bold and
bright hues help create a glamorous décor. You can also work with quirky
wallpapers to add more personality.

Amp up your kitchen

All the designers swear by this
tip that remodeling the kitchen can right away elevate your home décor. Kitchen
is considered the heart of every home and hence the décor of kitchen directly
impacts the ambience of your home. Add interesting textures to your countertop,
cabinets and shelves. You can go for marble, granite or wood to improve the
aesthetic appeal of your kitchen and render it a rich look.

Upgrade your Bath

An ill-maintained and monotonous
bath is a big turn-off and can bring down the value of your home to a great
extent. If you are looking to make your dwelling luxurious, don’t forget to pay
attention to the bathroom. Reglaze your bath tub; install decorative and
utilitarian lighting fixtures, add an eye-catching vanity and make your toilet
look spick and span. You can also experiment with some cool bathroom accessories like a
Bluetooth speaker showerhead to make your morning routines more fun. These are
some of the simplest fixes to revamp your bathroom in no time.

Accessorize your living room

In order to add dimension to your
décor and make your home warm and welcoming, designers emphasize on
accessorizing. Luxury lies in detailing and small touches can literally add a
posh appeal to your home. A quirky side table, whimsical art, a gold accented
mirror or a classy rug can refurbish your living room smoothly. Accessorizing
can efficiently punch-up the “wow factor” of your home and is surely worth the


Sprucing up the exteriors of our
home is just as important as designing the interiors. Landscaping will not only
add value to your home by transforming the way it looks, but also makes it more
inviting. A well-kept lawn with some shrubbery trees and charming flowers will
do the trick. So, put on your gardening gloves and start trimming the overgrown
shrubs, mowing the lawn and adding some fresh beauties.

Take heart these quick fixes and
you can easily add more value to your home without burning a hole in your